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Improve Your Leading - Peak District

Sat 20th May, 2017

Emily Pitts

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Does this sound like you:

I've lost my confidence leading

I've only just started leading and don't have much confidence yet

I haven't done outdoor leading for ages

I usually let my partner lead, as it seems easier

I'd like to lead more, but don't have much opportunity

This meet is for you.  If you want to get back into leading or to give your confidence a boost, then join us on this meet where you will be able to lead at your own pace with the support of other club members.  Often people say that they feel they are a burden and don't want to lead, because they are too slow or don't have the confidence.  This meet is about giving new lead climbers or older lead climbers who've lost touch with leading a day where they are encouraged to lead in a friendly and positive environment.  

If you want to dust off your leading head, then come along.  Experienced members will have gear, if you need to borrow some on the day.  

Whilst this isn't a taught session and shouldn't be treated as such, I hope that experienced members will come along and support inexperienced or unconfident leaders to get some mileage on the rock at this super friendly crag and become more experienced and confident.  All are welcome to bring tasty cake to share ;-).

Where:  Windgather Rocks

Time:  10am onwards at the crag

When: Planned for Saturday, but if the weather looks better, Sunday



Enquiries: Emily: - all genders welcome. 

Emily Pitts

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 Red Horse 
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