Club Meet

Salving House, Borrowdale

Fri 30th Jun - Sun 2nd Jul, 2017

Joe Flynn

BOOKING: Required/Recommended.
Please contact the meet leader or the club.

Meet Promo

The Salving House is in a great location for climbing and walking in Borrowdale. UK climbing lists over 800 climbs on 31 crags, from roadside Shepherds Crag to mountain routes in Gillercombe or on Great End mountain. For those interested in ticking off Wainwrights there are many summits within reach as well as very pleasant lower level walks.

The hut is at the crossroads in the centre of the village of Rosthwaite and walking distance to the Scafell Inn. The downside is it is a small hut and we only have 7 male and 5 female places. So book early.

Joe Flynn

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 Dave Wylie 
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