Picture Gallery.

Duncan on Cracked Wall (MVS 4b), Whitestone.
Hodge Close. Be good if it froze!
Duncan on Sunlight Crack (HS), Sunlight Crag (Levers Water).
Coniston Water from Levers Water.
A guest hitching a ride on Gowry's rope
Annie Nye seconding, Dave Wylie leading and Nils belaying
Annie Nye stepping out at Harborough Rocks
Annie Nye with James Meaking on the belay at Harborough Rocks
Fiona leading "Hurricane" on Beaufort Buttress
John leading "Capstan's Arete" on Beaufort Buttress
Fiona seconding "Capstan's Arete" on Beaufort Buttress
The Old Light
Seals at Brazen Ward
John and Fiona at the top of Needle Rock
Gareth leading on "Quatermass" in Deep Zawn
Fiona's Gear Stall at the Battery
Baby Seal at the Landing Bay
The Devil's Limekiln
The Devil's Slide
The Devil's Slide
MS Oldenburg moored in the Landing Bay
Christine contemplating the 13 degree water at Tarn at Leaves
The usual changing shenanagins
The near vertical bracken ridden descent to Blackmoss Pot
Christine and Neil rushing into the water
Mark cruising through the gorge
Derek Seddon
Derek Seddon - Early Years
Derek Seddon - Early Years
The Final Munro
Approaching twin-peaked Mt Elbrus from the North
Life size bronze sculptures
The Marx brothers - Central Moscow
Ski-humping to base camp
Ferrying equipment from basecamp to high camp
Selfies at point 4500
Chilly summit photo - Viktor, Sebastian, Mark
Wild times on the decent to base camp
Vodka celebrations with Pierre, Sebastian, Mani, Paul, Yuli and myself
Caro between Adam and Eve on Tryfan
KMC barbecue at Ty Powdwr
Jim tending the barbecue at Ty Powdwr
The view from Clogwyn yr Oen
Meirion on pitch-2 of The Great Slab
Todys Wall - Emily Having Fun (Always worth having a lie down before the crux!)
Todys Wall - Emily Still Having Fun
Todys Wall - Emily Ending the Fun Bit
Jim approaching the crux of Todys Wall
Andy & Jim on Motorcade
running pits
runnings to the hills
running pits
John Warburton on 'Endgame' (F5b), Bram Crag Quarry, Thirlmere.
Warby on 'St John's Ambulance' (F4c), Bram Crag Quarry.
Joe Flyn, on 'Goodbye Mr Major' (F6a), Bram Crag Quarry.
Glaciated Slabs, Combe Gill, Borrowdale.
Roger Dyke approaching Glaciated Slabs.
Roger on 'Trod Pimp' (S), Glaciated Slabs.
Dave on 'Trod Tethera' (VD), Glaciated Slabs.
Looking west from Castle Rock, Thirlmere.

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