Annie Nye stepping out at Harborough Rocks (Photo: Emily Pitts)  

A guest hitching a ride on Gowry's rope (Emily Pitts)
Annie Nye seconding, Dave Wylie leading and Nils belaying (Emily Pitts)
Annie Nye stepping out at Harborough Rocks (Emily Pitts)
Annie Nye with James Meaking on the belay at Harborough Rocks (Emily Pitts)

Improve Your Leading Weekender - Ty Powdwr

The 'Half a dozen is company, seven is a crowd' Improve Your Leading Meet. 

  • Gowry Sisupalan (M)
  • Dave Wylie  (M)
  • Nils Elgar (M)
  • James Meakin (M)
  • Annie Nye (G)
  • Emily Pitts (Meet Leader)


This meet, originally intended to take place in Wales, was moved closer to home - the time of year, back to school blues, shorter days and other factors came together resulting in low take up, so Harborough rocks was chosen to provide an alternative to our usual gritstone outings. The merry band of six all gathered just after ten in the warm autumn sunshine, finding a few other groups at the crag already.  We thought they might prevent us from getting on the good routes, but the opposite transpired. We all enjoyed some great climbing, in a relaxed atmosphere, finished off with, yes, you guessed it: a nice bit of cake. 

Prospective member Annie led Bow Arête (diff) and seconded many routes with partner in crime James Meakin. James joined the 'Severe 4b extraordinaire club' with his outing up Overhanging Wall, followed by Overhanging Chimney Direct (S 4a) and Steep Ridge (Vdiff). 

Gowry led with style Little Gully (diff), Adderley's Route (diff) and Bow Arête (Diff), followed up on all by Emily. 

Dave led Steep Ridge (Vdiff), Overhanging Wall Variant (vdiff) and Overhanging Chimney indirect (HVD). 

Nils put us all to shame by soloing no fewer than 5 routes before we even arrived! Steeple Arête (vdiff), Concave Wall (HVD 4a), Little Arête (diff), Bow Ridge (vdiff), Bow Arête (diff). he then proceeded to sashay up Crinkle Crack HS (4b), Thin Air (VS 4b) and Pedestal Crack (S 4a) with Dave on the end of the rope. 

Infringed by a flurry of rain at 2, we realised it was a clear sign that cake time was overdue. As we finished cake and packed up, the rain came again. James, Gowry and Annie pushed the boat out and stayed a little longer to finish with Trident Arête and Trident Groove. A good day out. 

Emily Pitts

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