Andy (Photo: Peter Walker)  

Chris Williams. (Peter Walker)
Andy (Peter Walker)
Andy (Peter Walker)
New Chris (Peter Walker)
New Chris (Peter Walker)

World's End

Attendees: Chris Hall, Andy Stratford, James Williams, Jo and Mark Furniss, Chris Williams with Peter Walker and Alan Jones passing through.


The weather forecast all week was predicting a great day on Saturday with the heavens opening on Sunday, so it was with some trepidation I arrived at World's End. However it was dry and looked promising, with a hope that it may actually stay dry!! Chris, Andy and myself started off enthusiastically with some warm up routes at the Coltsfoot Crack end of the crag. Peter and Alan came striding along to meet us, taking some pictures and sharing some memories of the numerous times they had climbed at World's End. James, Jo and Mark arrived a little later also made their first climb at this end of the crag. We were all psyched up and ready to tackle the steep exposed routes further along towards Taerg Wall, but low and behold it started to rain! One or two climbers got caught half way up a climb, but just trying to walk along the bottom of the crag we were reminded how treacherous limestone can be in the wet!! After huddling under the trees for an hour while having some lunch the rain was unfortunately not letting up. Chris, James and Andy decided to finish the day off with some routes indoors in Stockport, while Jo and Mark needed to go and dig some more foundations for their extensions. So it was a short meet, but the climbing was fine and definitely worthy of a return visit.

Chris Williams
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