Cath and James in Jack's Rake (Photo: Alan Wylie)  

A bit of ice (Alan Wylie)
Pavey Ark (Alan Wylie)
Dave W. above Stickle Tarn (Alan Wylie)
Dave W. and Cath in Jack's Rake (Alan Wylie)
Cath in Jack's Rake (Alan Wylie)
Cath and James in Jack's Rake (Alan Wylie)
Lunch on Pike o'Stickle (Alan Wylie)
Lunch on Pike o'Stickle (Alan Wylie)

Lake District Walk, Langdale

Members: Pete Walker, Joe Flyn, Pete Walker, Lorna Marsland, Pete Walker, David Wylie, Pete Walker, Alan Wylie, Pete Walker, Peter Scholefield, Pete Walker, Alan (Liv) Jones, Pete Walker, Martin Heaton, Pete Walker, Lester Payne, Pete Walker, Linda Crossley, Pete Walker

Guests: Cath Sanders, Clive Duerden, James Hartley


The extra day of the year was a glorious one - endless clear blues skies, sunshine, and a dusting of snow. We set off up a Stickle Ghyll dripping in icicles and walked round to Jack's Rake. This classic scramble up Pavey Ark offered up a little extra frisson by providing icy patches at one or two more delicate points. Below, Stickle Tarn, frozen in places, was a deep shade of steely blue. Pete W and Alan (L) J felt the walk was a bit short so did a longer ascent and we met up at the top.

A brisk pace took us over the summits of Harrison Stickle and the Pike, after which we had lunch. Our President proffered his top make-up tips (coconut is a nice fragrance) and hot location shopping spots in Didsbury (where else?). "In former times the KMC were tough men" said Peter S ". can I try some of that cream for my face, Joe?"

The clear air provided views from the top of Bowfell stretching east to the Pennines, white with snow, west to the Isle of Man, suspended above the horizon, and north to Scotland, beyond the Solway Firth.

We returned down The Band and some ran back gasping to the NDG (Lorna and Peter S) where bottles were already being rapidly emptied (Pete W) and via the ODG for those desperate for a fix of Yates (Dave).

I enjoyed a great day out, thanks to all those who came along and commiserations to those DIY-ers who didn't.

Linda Crossley
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