Plaque outside pub at Stonethwaite (Photo: Chris Thickett)  

All Hail and Uncle Bob in Langstrath (Chris Thickett)
Car Park Full (Chris Thickett)
Members of both clubs off for a joint walk (Chris Thickett)
Plaque outside pub at Stonethwaite (Chris Thickett)
Rosthwaite High street after the deluge (Chris Thickett)
The river in Langstrath (Chris Thickett)

FRCC Joint Meet

KMC Joint Meeters: Graham Harkness, John Castick, Midge Castick, Dave Wylie, Kate Wels (G), James Hoyle, Kasia Hoyle, Alison Dixon (G), Bob Kelly, Pete Kossowski (G), Trish Cranston.

FRCC Joint Meeters: Ron Chambers, Ruth Chambers, Ken Jackson, Graham Townsend, Bob McAdam (CC), Anne Burbidge, Helen Garrett, David Evans, Ann-Marie Handerson, Leslie Shore, Steve Riley (G).

Multiple Meeters Loosely Jointed: Bob Anderson, Chris Thickett.

Friday afternoon was lovely and sunny, spring-like even, and the early arrivers, Ken, Bob A and myself, enjoyed a pleasant circular walk taking in Dock Tarn.

Saturday was not so nice but not raining first thing. However, we all encountered high winds and driving rain before long.

The main party of walkers 'followed' me on a walk up Dalehead then on to Hindscarth, down the ridge to Little Town, over the pass to Grange and back through the woods to the hut where everyone arrived back very wet. I use the word 'followed' advisably as the walk was led from the back although in my defence I claim I was never more than 3 miles behind at any point during the day. Ken was the only other walker left within range when I reached the Grange teashop - so all the others missed out on the treat of tea and Borrowdale tea-bread.

James led another party to climb the Cam Crag scramble from which they almost got blown off before getting very wet. Graham T and Bob Mc climbed Troutdale Pinnacle Direct then they got very wet. Ron with Ruth and Bob K with Alison headed over towards Gable where they got very wet. John did a circular via Honister Pass then got very wet. Bob A walked in the Borrowdale woods then got very wet. Still, Friday afternoon was fine!

Before evening meals were cooked, just about everyone retired for refreshments in the Scafell Hotel, more or less taking over the bar. During the evening, this atmosphere of conviviality continued round the fire and tables of the hut - truly a proper joint meet between the two clubs.

On Sunday the weather wasn't so bad but heavy hail showers kept us on our toes. However, it was bad enough that even Graham T left his climbing gear hung up in the hut. Another large mixed bunch of members went out to meet the elements around Watendlath, Ladore and Grange. Last to leave that morning was Bob A and myself. We headed up Langstrath to find the secret cave, which still remains secret as far as Bob and I are concerned.

Everyone who turned up seemed to enjoy themselves despite the weather - still, Friday afternoon was fine!

Chris Thickett
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