Laddow Rocks (Photo: Dave Dillon)  

Laddow Cave (Andrew Croughton)
Lunchtime at Laddow (Andrew Croughton)
El Presidente at Laddow Cave (Dave Dillon)
Laddow Rocks (Dave Dillon)
Sabina needs a hand! (Dave Dillon)


Sunshine and climbing on the Laddow meet? Something's not quite right here:
...where's the Traditional rain?
...where's the Traditional Ken with his Primus Stove?


Members: Ken Beetham, Virginia Castick, Joanne Castick, John Castick, Sue Brooke, Alan Peck, Alan (L) Jones, Dave Dillon, Lester Payne, Andrew Croughton, Mark Wiltshire, John Dobson, Dave Wylie, Neil Perry, Chris Williamson, Dave Whittingham, Roger Mapleson, Bridget Mapleson, Christine Beeston, Duncan Lee, Sabina Cusilich, Colin Maddison, Dave Shotton, John Evans, Dave Summerfield, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Vanessa Addison, Alan Barber, Neville McMillan, Sheena Hendrie, Joe Flynn, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Phil Ramsbottom

Guests: Lisa Cox, Peter Sharpe, Peter Bateman, Catherine Perry, Tam Sayers, Kate Surry, ? Flynn

Prospective Members:Carys Mapelson, Rosin Maddison


The people who turned up at Crowden car park at the appointed time witnessed Ken hobbling out of his car cursing a severely injured knee. This prevented him from walking up to the crag but not from holding court in the car park.

The old crag was not in a very welcoming mood, the recent rain had taken its toll and left it dripping from every orifice with the dry bits covered in fluorescent green slime (soft hand jams). With the sun shining and no steam emanating from the cave (vague theories about the steam from Ken's kettle and the clouds and the rain normally at Laddow) most people opted to sit outside until it became obvious that it really was not going to rain and so there was no alternative but to climb.

The driest rock was on Tower Face which received many ascents - in many different styles including some that would have had Ken glowing with approval - I shall say no more....

Many old favourites were climbed - some enjoyed, some not - ask Sheena to recommend a good Laddow diff and she may not mention North Climb (renamed North Slime for the day).

It was good to see many old and new friends walking up to say hello, many continued on to Black Hill, some just chatted and went back down - it was that sort of a day.

Phil Ramsbottom

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