No chairs left (Photo: Dave Dillon)  

Hanging about (Dave Dillon)
Dodgy witches (Dave Dillon)
One witch (Dave Dillon)
Asbestos trews (Dave Dillon)
No chairs left (Dave Dillon)
Sparklers (Dave Dillon)

Welsh Climbing/Bonfire - Ty Powdwr

Absent meet leader shocker!!

Apologies for not being at my meet! I was very much looking forward to it and seeing everyone.

I decided at the last minute that it would be a huge effort to get to Wales as I couldn't get a lift from the Sheffield area. It is still painful to carry a rucksack so I thought negotiating train stations would be torturous. As I'm also unable to walk, climbing and hiking are out of the question so I would have spent the weekend sitting around at the hut recovering from the journey. So, I thought I should catch up on my coursework at home instead. Very sorry I missed you this time and if it caused inconvenience. To make up for this I will be chopping veg for the Xmas meal!

Fiona Roy
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