Climbing Action. - 3rd Place (Photo: Oi Ding Koy)  

Carolyn on Long Tall Sally (Roger Dyke)
Plotting in the sun (Roger Dyke)
Christine on Spider Crack (Roger Dyke)
Jim on Spider Crack (Roger Dyke)
Christine (Roger Dyke)
Rachael, Carolyn, Kate and Heather in the sun (Dave Dillon)
Mark on Long Tall Sally (Dave Dillon)
Bob finishing Long Tall Sally (Dave Dillon)
Dave on April Fool (Dave Dillon)

Climbing Action
1st Place (Sean Kelly)
2nd Place (Sean Kelly)
3rd Place (Oi Ding Koy)

Mountain Action
1st Place (Sean Kelly)
2nd Place (Mark Furniss)
3rd Place (Carolyn Mills)

Mountain Landscape
1st Place (Michelle Harvie)
2nd Place (Dave Dillon)
3rd Place (Carolyn Mills)

Human Interest
1st Place (Peter Walker)
2nd Place (Virginia Castick)
3rd Place (Dave Shotton)

President's Hotpot & Annual Photo Competition

Members present: Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, Sue Brooke, Pete Hughes, Andrew Croughton, Ann Waters, Steve Waters, Kirsten Mundt.


Maybe not as many walking as climbing before the Hotpot, but we had 5 committee members plus 1/3rd of the Swiss section of the KMC.

It was hot and sunny, so the team made steady progress up Doctor’s gate, before heading off piste to Higher then Lower Shelf-stones. A bit more cross-country got us onto Bleaklow Head, before I decided to take one route, and promptly led off down the other! No problem – they both go down towards Longdendale, so I could have kept quiet. Another mild heather bash up to Glossop Low, then down to Cock Hill and back to the cars, hot and ready for a drink or three.

Hotpot and Photographic Competition.

Members Present: Lots.

Potential Members: Yes – great to see you there.

An excellent turnout for the evening, with 40+ members and guests partaking of the Hotpot and Apple Pie or the Globe’s bar menu.

Jim Symon kindly agreed to judge this year’s photo competition. The winners and runners up, which are now on the web.

Mark Garrod

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