Roger belays Gowry on Emma's Dilemma (Photo: David Rainsbury)  

Nils Dave Dave and Dave (Roger Dyke)
Nils & Gowry on Stokers Hole HS4a (Roger Dyke)
Success on Sail Buttress HS 4b (Roger Dyke)
Dave S at the overhang on Topsail (Oi Ding Koy)
Dave S above the overhang on Topsail (Oi Ding Koy)
Dave S topping out on Topsail (Oi Ding Koy)
Ding following Dave S up Topsail VS 4c (Roger Dyke)
Roger belays Gowry on Emma's Dilemma (David Rainsbury)
Gowry tops out on Emma's Dilemma (David Rainsbury)

Peak District Rock Climbing

Members present:  Roger Dyke, Nils Elgar, Oi Ding Koy, David Rainsbury, Dave Shotton, Gowry Sisupalan, Dave Wylie.

Prospective Member:  Brian Tarnowski


The original meet scheduled for Saturday 27 July was postponed a week due to some dreadful weather that has impacted the Great British summer.  A good thing too as the actual meet took place in excellent conditions:  bright, but with some cloud cover, the slightest of breezes and (best of all) no midges.

Climbing teams changed slightly during the day as individuals arrived and left.  Routes ascended included:

  • Trafalgar Wall (S 4b) – Nils led; Ding and Roger seconded.
  • Barnacle Bulge (HS 4c) – David led.  The initial crack proved too difficult so this was surmounted by using the groove to the left.  Dave (W) seconded.  He found both these options a bit tough for a first up climb and so effectively seconded Trafalgar Crack (VD 4a) instead;
  • Stoker's Wall (Diff) – Dave (S) led; Ding seconded;
  • Nautical Crack (V Diff) – (this was well worked over!)  Ding led this after Dave (S) backed off and subsequently seconded.  Brian led; Nils seconded.  Gowry then led and Nils seconded (again).  David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Yo-Ho Crack (VDiff) – Dave (W) led; David seconded.  Brian led; Gowry seconded;
  • Rum Wall (V Diff) – Dave (S) led; Brian and Ding seconded;
  • Sailor’s Problem (V Diff) – David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Stoker’s Hole (VS 4b) – Nils led; Gowry and Roger seconded;
  • Topsail (VS 4c) – Dave (S) led; Brian had a go but was stopped at the overhang.  Ding completed;
  • Sail Buttress (HS 4b) – Gowry led; Nils and Ding seconded;
  • Porthole Direct (VS 4b) – Nils led; Ding and Gowry seconded;
  • Emma’s Dilemma (S 4a) – David led; Dave (W) seconded;
  • Emma’s Temptation (HVD 4c) – Dave (W) led; David seconded.  Gowry led; Roger seconded.

The team were most impressed with Brian’s lead of Nautical Crack as a first lead – in hindsight not the best one to have suggested!

The surprisingly long day ended with some excellent refreshments at the Robin Hood Pub (thanks Roger).

Nils Elgar

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