Laddow Bivvi Cave (Photo: Paul Evans)  

Laddow Bivvi Cave (Paul Evans)
Emily leading "Long Climb" (Dave Wylie)
Emily leading "Long Climb" (Dave Wylie)
Colin leading "Little Crowberry" (Dave Wylie)
View down Crowden (Dave Wylie)

Laddow Bivvi

Dave Wylie, Roger Dyke and I took a gentle amble up the stunning valley from the YHA to Laddow rocks to meet paul, who had scurried over from 'the other side'.

Stories of the hardy KMCers of old abounded and we revelled in nostalgia as we peered up the rocks and sat in the somewhat unexpected sunshine. 

We snacked and cup of tea'd, and just as we were getting going Colin Maddison and Roisin Maddison appeared. We'd already decided that no-one was really up for a bivvi - the days of home comforts, busy lives and more exotic adventures have taken over, so we readied ourselves for the climbing and enjoyed a few of Laddow's classics, before we parted ways again, with Dave, Roger and I meandering down just in time for an ice cream at the campsite cafe. Times have most definitely changed. 


Emily Pitts
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