Andy P soloing Cheek VS 5a (Photo: Roger Dyke)  

Holly Warder getting to the crux on Portfolio HVS 5b (Andy Stratford)
Andy braving the flying ants (Roger Dyke)
Roger on High Buttress Arete (Roger Dyke)
Andy S on High Buttress arete (Roger Dyke)
Brian finishing his lead of Middle& Leg (Roger Dyke)
Holly leading Corner Crack VD (Roger Dyke)
Big brother is watching you Holly (Roger Dyke)
Andy P soloing Cheek VS 5a (Roger Dyke)
Windgather (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 2 (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 4 (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 3 (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 5 (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 6 (Adam McCudden)
Windgather 7 (Adam McCudden)
windgather 8 (Adam McCudden)

Evening Meet: Windgather Rocks

Windgather Rocks Wed 25th August 2021

Members: Roger Dyke, Andy Stratford, Andy Pierce, Dave Wylie, Rory Marsden, Chris Kastavunis, Caro Churchill, Steve Lopacki, Adam McCudden, Ged Farmer

Prospective Members: Brian Tarnowski, Harry Potts, Holly Warder, James Pike, Daniel Arrowsmith, Anna Laws, Catriona Kastavunis,

Seventeen members and prospective members out on a classic Windgather evening – sunshine and light winds, unfortunately not breezy enough for the critters…. Not midges though. FLYING ANTS! At the top of random buttresses, randomly all evening. Randomly. AARghhh!!

Roger initially claimed to just be there to take photos, but after 15 minutes he had his harness on and was on High Buttress Arete!

The rest of us climbed all the classic Windgather routes, a few notable ascents were Daniel Arrowsmith onsight ascent of Portfolio HVS 5b, followed very capably by Holly then Andy S. Rory also led it and again was followed in good style by Anna – who had a cracking evening, leading her first two routes under Rory’s watchful eye.

Brian also got a few leads in with Dave assisting, and Caro moved up a gear on her trad game with a solid lead of Mississippi crack.

Many routes were solo’d as well, with Andy Pierce offering belay wisdom at the top of the crag to all those less familiar with the process.

We were treated to a superb sunset, as well as the good company, let see a good turnout next week as the equally sunset-tastic Alderman Rocks, followed by a trip to the pub.


Andy Stratford
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