James Davies (Photo: Andy Stratford)  

James Pike (Andy Stratford)
James Davies (Andy Stratford)
Izzy Harris (Andy Stratford)
Jess Pealing (Andy Stratford)
James Smith (Andy Stratford)
Patrick Mackridge (Andy Stratford)
The three new James's!! (Andy Stratford)

KMC Newcomers climbing meet

Stanage Newcomers 2022, Saturday 7th May

Members: Andy Stratford, Andy Pierce, Rob Clark, Dave Wylie, Rory Marsden.
Craig Marsden, Daniel Arrowsmith, Cathy Gordon, Bridget Mapleson, Sue Marsden., Harry Potts.

Prospective Members: James Smith, James Davies, James Pike, William Cullum, Jess Pealing, Patrick Mackridge, Izzy Harris, Carys Mapleson, Anna Laws,

Great turnout of twenty in total - 11 members and 9 prospective members which included William, Patrick and Izzy who had never climbed trad before, although all had done some bouldering. William did a great job on Right Hand Trinity (S 4b) – a excellent start! Patrick and Izzy both climbed several routes, and were, of course initiated into the black art of the gritstone hand-jam….

There were three James’s on the prospectives’ team – which led to some confusion – I’m not sure if at one point all three were on a rope together, but it did sound like it, although sometimes all you could hear was Jess Pealing turning the air blue…

Daniel was up to his usual soling but also some excellent leading on The Little Flake Crack (VS 5a) and Ellis’s Eliminate (VS 4c) being followed up both of these by Andy S who led Hargreaves Original, Christmas Crack, April Crack and Narrow Buttress.

Rob Clark spent most of the day with William and Harry, and managed to tick off a good few classics including Right Hand Trinity, Robin Hoods Right Hand Buttress Direct, Straight Crack, Via Media and Zigzag Flake Crack

I didn’t manage to record much of what others climbed as there was so much going on, but as ever a great early season meet at Stanage.

Thanks to everyone who came and shared enthusiasm and banter.


Andy Stratford
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