Catherine3 (Photo: Gowry Sisupalan)  

Izzy and Raman (Gowry Sisupalan)
Izzyswim (Gowry Sisupalan)
Raman at Pete's Eats (Gowry Sisupalan)
Catherine-view from scramble (Gowry Sisupalan)
Catherine 2 (Gowry Sisupalan)
Catherine3 (Gowry Sisupalan)
George paddling (Gowry Sisupalan)

Ty Powdwr - The KMC Family Weekender

Family Meet

Attended- Gowry Sisupalan, George Swali, Isabelle Swali (age 8) and Raman (Swali age 5).

Catherine Machalinski, Oliver Machalinski, Marcus Eveleigh and Magnus Eveleigh.


Two families made it to this year’s family meet at the hut. Restricted with time we both stayed one night. 

It was a beautiful day to be out on the hills and Catherine and family took full advantage spending the day scrambling up Moel Siabod.  My family spent the day on the lake (Lyn Padarn). We split up with two on the paddle board and two on a sit on kayak.  Myself, George and Izzy worked hard paddling whilst Raman tried to catch some fish with his net and generally relaxed. When we got back Izzy went for a swim in the lake perhaps showing potential as a future KMC wild swimmer.  


In the evening we had a BBQ. George had every gadget you can imagine to get rid of midges.  Catherine and crew arrived back later to the hut and sensibly decided to have dinner inside away from the midges. 


The next morning my family treated themselves for midge bites with more gizmo’s that George produced.  Whilst Catherine’s family were bite free.


The next day Catherine and family took a stroll around the lake and had coffee in the village before setting off home. Myself and family had a nice breakfast at Pete’s Eats and then drove home to enjoy the local Jubilee celebrations. 

Gowry Sisupalan
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