Dainius seconding Great Buttress (Photo: Robert Clark)  

Dainius seconding Great Buttress (Robert Clark)
Rory  leading Barney Rubble (Robert Clark)

Peak Grit

Perhaps the weather forecast predicting intense heat put some people off, but the select few who turned up certainly had a satistying day, with pleasant climbing conditions at the crag. Facing west the crag was in the shade till mid afternoon, and the stiff breeze made it reasonable climbing conditions. Even when the crag came into the sun later on the breeze was sufficient to keep it tolerable.

There were actually 3 or 4 other teams at the crag throughout the day, who had perhaps decided, correctly, that this was a better option than Stanage. But we didnt have to queue. It is an impressive crag on first appearance, with some interesting pockmarked and pocketed features, and some steep and jutting faces. And a scattering of vegetation as well, but that's what you get on a moorland crag.

The most notable climbs of the day were Rory's lead of Barney Rubble, VS 4b and Daniel's lead of Great Buttress HVS 5b and Route 1 VS 4c.

The walk back to the car park was the most uncomfortable part of the day. I was glad when it was done.

Attendees; Robert Clark, Cathy Gordon, Rory Marsden, Dainius Babrauskas, Daniel Arrowsmith.

Robert Clark
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