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Wed 20th Jun, 2018

Classic venue with an abundance of lower grade routes, ideal for a summer evening...

All welcome. Evening meets start around 6pm. Please bring midge repellant/net and suntan cream. Manchester sunset is approximately 21:43, twilight to around 22:37. Please keep an eye on Scribble for wet weather options.


Witches Quarry

Wed 13th Jun, 2018

Magical limestone in a spellbinding setting...

(No Reports)

Cadshaw Rocks

Wed 6th Jun, 2018

Natural Lancashire gritstone with plenty of well protected routes


Members: Elliott Brown, Clay Conlon, Isabel Prause, Dave Wylie, Ben Slater, Mark Ashley, 

Guests: Matt Mitchell, Adam McCudden, Jed Farmer, John Smallwoood, Erfan Khatibi and a lovely full set of tricams. 

Adam, Jed and Isabel were top roping Druid's Direct (E3 6a) as I arrived at the crag, seemed to have a very slippery start. Clay and myself went off to explore the quarry just before the crag and found a nice long route, Green Slab (VS 4c**) to be had. Ben and Dave teamed up, with Matt joining up for a climb or two, which inclded Pagan Wall (S 4a) and Split Block Crack (HS 4b*). John and Isabel teamed up on various routes to top rope, Pagan's Direct (HVS 5b**) being one of them I believe. Adam and Jed, Mark and Erfan looked to have climbed routes between The Staircase and West Slab Direct.

Towards the end of the evening we were viciously attacked by midges (M7), which caused a hurried retreat back to the cars. All the while, trying to take name and work out what climbs were being gestured at for the report. The next meet was hurriely suggested as Witches Quarry, which seemed to please those retreating from the crag (M10 at this point).

Routes that were defninitly (maybe) climbed by names above:

Central Chimney (VD), The Staircase (M), Split Block Crack (HS 4b*), Central Crack (VD*), Overhand Crack (VD*), Pagan Wall (S 4a), Pagan's Direct (HVS 5b**), Central Wall (HS 4b**)

Elliott Brown

Pule Hill, Marsden

Wed 30th May, 2018

Hillside gritstone and excellent sunset potential...


Members: Dave Wylie, Elliot Brown, Isobel Prause, Jim Symon, Paul Evans, Andy Stratford, Jared Kitchen, Emily Thompson

Guest: Andy Vine

After last weeks sunshine spectacular at Denham and the promise of a #goodforecastforweeks (Dan O’Brien) it was more or less guaranteed to go pear shaped tonight...

Pule Hill has the most brilliant views and is a real favourite KMC evening crag... Clinks and clanks of gear issued out of the thick fog...’’is that you Dave’’, Andy shouted from just a few feet away.  Dave found Blind Buttress HS 4b (green greasy slopers in these conditions) particulary entertaining
(as did Isobel following). Elliot and Andy Vine used combined leading tactics on the normally mild Kletterschue Capers (S 4a).  Jared and Emily arrived and Jared led up Flying Buttress (HS 4b) which had just been led by Paul with Jim following. Andy S joined and it was Jim’s turn on Amen corner as the drizzle started.

But then, miraculously, it stopped and another few routes were completed – still in the thick fog though... Paul was persuaded to have a go at the HVD 4a of Dusky Doddle but decided the greasy slopers weren’t to his liking so switched to Atlas (VD) leaving Jim to make a Doddle of it. Andy led Wrinkled Wall (HS 4c) with much relief that he possessed the right size Alien (Totem) Cams... Finally Andy Vine managed Bed End (HVD) with Dave.

Down in the carriage house Paul proposed Alderman but failed to vote for it. Jim was keen on Running Hill Pitts and got Andy Vine onside. Andy Stratford made a tactical suggestion of Cadshaw Castle Rocks which won out.  So it’s off to Bilbao, sorry – got mixed up I meant Bolton, next week for the KMC.

Andy Stratford

Denham Quarry

Wed 23rd May, 2018

Form an orderly queue at the bottom of the longest route name on grit!


Members: Clay Conlon, Andy Stratford, Emily Pitts, Isabel Prause, Cathy Gordon, Dave Wylie, Dan O’Brien, Tim Howarth, John Cox, Steve Graham, Elliott Brown

Guests: George Babington, John Smallwood, Andy Vine, Chris Kastavunis

It was roasting, there was no breeze and the crag is a sun-trap.  Your correspondent’s opinion of Denham, based on a single previous visit, was that is was a damp, midge infested, hole-in-the-ground.  Well at least today wasn’t damp.

Andy S opened the club account with an ascent of Mohammed the Morbid Morgul (S) which traverses a long way across the crag, followed by Dave.  Dan went for the classic VS of Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental Misfits* (MMMMHMM) which felt high in the grade, especially if you miss out on helpful gear placements and consistently place the wrong sized cam.  Isabel and Tim followed, smoothly and stressfully respectfully.

Andy V led The Layback (VS) which is given HVS in the new guide followed by Clay. Clay then led The Funny Farm (HS) before Andy showed everyone how to lead MMMMHMM properly.  Meanwhile Dave led the long (and bold in places) Concave Wall (S) followed by Cathy and Andy S.  Andy and Cathy then went over to team up with George and Emily for a Funny Farm/Step in the Clouds hybrid.  John S led The Edge (VD) followed by Jon C and then led Main Break before dropping a top-rope down Lintel (S).

Steve and Elliott had a productive evening climbing Main Break (HS), Layback, Funny Farm and Step In the Clouds (HS) (also followed by Chris).  Elliott then went for the classic E1 of Time up the main wall.  A very direct line up some improbable looking rock and spaced gear yielded to a positive approach.  The holds were there but Elliott’s reach certainly came in useful.  Steve followed easily.  After the excitement of MMMMHMM Dan decided to climb the heavily starred VD of Splash Arete.  This route had a surprisingly bold start before good gear near the top.  A high step near the finish alas proved too much for Dan to accomplish gracefully and after much faffing he found himself sitting au cheval on the arete with no footholds to assist with upwards progression.  The comradely and support the KMC is so famous for was on full display and people gathered to take photos of the hapless, stranded leader.  After a few minutes, a mantle and a “knee-swap” gained the finishing hold and Dan politely questioned the grade.  Steve said he’d done it a few weeks previously and it has been “alright”.

As the sun started to set and the midges started to descend the team decamped to the Top Lock pub. The nominations for next week were Pule Hill, Castle Naze, Alderman and Bamford.  Three rounds of voting were required for Pule Hill to prevail in a narrow victory.  The people have spoken!

* I hate whoever named the routes at this crag.

Daniel O'Brien

Troy Quarry

Wed 16th May, 2018

Third time lucky...


Members: Dan O’Brien, Dave Wylie, Clay Conlon, Isabel Prause, Mark Ashley, Elliot Brown

Guests: John Smallwood, Andy Vine

Our journey did not take quite as long as the original Odyssey but after two roll-overs the KMC finally succumbed to the Siren call of Troy quarry.  The weather was warm with a light breeze, perfect conditions for climbing and, more importantly, keeping the midges away.

Dave and Isabel were first to arrive, climbing Left Siamese Twin (s) and Stacked Deck (HS) before Mark joined them for Right Siamese Twin (S) and Cracked Wall (VS).  Dan and Clay led Right Siamese Twin and Stacked Deck respectively and were then joined by Andy who followed Stacked Deck then led Troy Groove (VS) followed by Dan and Clay.

Elliot and John teamed up and proceeded to rocket round the crag, quickly ticking off Rapunzle (VS), Troy Groove and Jussy (HVS) before an abortive attempt on the steep pump-fest of Grans Wall (E1).  Meanwhile Clay battled with Rapunzle with Dan struggling to second with a sore hand.  Andy made it look easy then led Mucky Pups (VS or HVS depending on who you ask) to finish off the evening.  John and Elliot continues their tour of the quarry with an ascent of Kieranless Corner (VS) which is now a few kilos of rock lighter after a large chunk fell off the top section as John seconded.  They finished with a quick ascent of Siam Groove (VS).

In the pub the KMC were joined by a local Moped/Scooter enthusiasts group (very Quadrophenia) and amongst the smell of petrol and burning rubber managed a semi coherent vote for next weeks crag.  Windgather and Cow’s Mouth Quarry were quickly eliminated in favour of Denham and the longest route name on grit.

Daniel O'Brien

Troy Quarry

Wed 9th May, 2018

Rollover for our annual odyssey to a classic grit quarry...


Rollover! Hoping for better weather next week...

Daniel O'Brien

Troy Quarry

Wed 2nd May, 2018

Our annual Odyssey to a classic Lancashire Quarry...



Daniel O'Brien

Wilton 1

Wed 25th Apr, 2018

Classic Lancashire Quarry with it's iconic Prow


The following meet report was assembled from recovered fragments of data. It's authenticity has been verified.

---Start Transmission

1800, Wednesday 25th, Wilton Car Park. Alone.

KMC nowhere to be found. Reached Roger Dyke via telephone who reached Dan O'Brien via telephone, who said he'd wussed out because of the iffy forecast. No staying power these youngsters.


1820, Wednesday 25th, Wilton 1. Alone.

A cool breeze and the right hand wall a bit wet. Most of the rock dry and climbable. I did some trial moves at low level,  resisting the temptation to go higher, there being no one around to help if it went wrong. Am planning to have an early pint in the Wilton Arms before heading home. 


1826, Wednesday 25th, Wilton 1. With Jack.

Saved by the bell! Clay arrived just as I had sent the previous. Off to do a few climbs


2328, Wednesday 25th, Wilton Arms. With Jack.

Jack led the excellent 999 then in fading light I led the short but sweet Rambling before we headed for the pub and that deferred pint.  The crag next week will be....

---End Transmission

Members: Jack Buckzo

Guest and myster correspondant: David Rainsbury

Supporting Cast: Roger and Dan.

Anglezarke Quarry

Wed 18th Apr, 2018

Classic sheltered Lancashire quarry

(No Reports)

Den Lane, Uppermill

Wed 11th Apr, 2018

Roll over from last week...


Members: Gareth Williams, Clay Conlon

Guests: Dave R

Cold and drizzly but turned out to be worth a visit to the crag as the rock was surprisingly dry (in most places).

I arrived first, spent a bit of time bouldering and soloed Ash Tree Direct (S 4b), trailing a rope to assist with descent from the tree.

Clay Conlon arrived next. As we geared up Dave R (sorry, I forgot your surname Dave) arrived fresh from Calpe. The 20 degree temperature change didn't entice Dave to try the delights of the crag so only Clay and myself climbed Noah's Crack (HS 4b). We were grateful for the belay bolts which allowed an easy descent.

I then had a go at The Popple (HVS 5a) but the cold got to me and I had a couple of rests on the rope to allow hot aches to pass before reaching the belay bolts, which allowed for a swift exit.

Next week is Anglezarke quarry. Let's hope we're a bit too early in the year for midges!

Gareth Williams

Den Lane, Uppermill

Wed 4th Apr, 2018

Quarried goodness a few minutes walk from the centre of Uppermill


No attendees as the weather was terrible - roll over to next week!

Daniel O'Brien

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 28th Mar, 2018

It's tradition! The clocks have changed so the KMC will be heading out...


Attendance: Paul Evans, Jim Symon, Gareth Williams

Despite rain early in the day the crag presented the illusion of dry rock. Conditions were not perfect but The Harp, Crew's Route, Foghorn Groove and Epitaph Corner were all climbed.

Next week's crag: Den Lane Quarry

Gareth Williams

Wilton 1

Wed 13th Sep, 2017

Short walk in to this ideal early-autumn venue

(No Reports)

Hobson Moor Quarry

Wed 6th Sep, 2017

Home of the famous back wall traverse

(No Reports)

Troy Quarry

Wed 30th Aug, 2017

It's got water, so apparently it's part of 'preparation for Lundy'


Members. Gary Thornhill, Isobel Prause, Dave Wylie, Andy Stratford, Jim Symon, Mark Ashley, Duncan Lee, Vicky Alderton, Kieran. Duncan Zerafa. 
Non Members. Jack Buczko, Matt Haisley, 

Another fine evening at Troy with a good breeze keeping the M grade at 0 and sunshine on the main west walls as a twelve strong KMC turnout vied with a similar number of other locals for the excellent routes. Gary and Isobel were first at the crag and Gary led several routes including Stacked Deck HS 4b, Troy Groove VS 4c and Updraft Corner S 4a. Kieran completed much bouldering and traversing and appeared adept at misplacing Duncan’s phone at almost every possible opportunity, perhaps as Vicky wasn't there to keep an eye on both of them as she scampered up several routes on second.

Mark Ashley followed Dave Wylie up both of the twins then stacked deck, and both rounded the evening off following Gary up Updraft Corner, Vicky also followed several routes including Rapunzle VS 5a (led by Jim) and Gopher (VS 4c) led by Andy. Gopher is so named because you ‘’gopher’’ the top....Duncan ‘’wentoffroute’’. (This was according to Jack, grassing Duncan up in the pub, as he wasn’t there).

Meanwhile Jim led the tricky Sounder HVS 5a – a particulary tricky route which, seven years ago resulted in a ground fall and a bust finger for El Presidente. No such issues this time as Andy followed Jim with barely a grunt.

The Holden Arms served us ginger beer, crisps and real beer as we pondered next weeks venue.


It was unanimous: Hobson Moor.



Andy Stratford

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