Sat 6th Aug - Sun 7th Aug, 2022

Wild Swim Meet

Virginia Castick

Wild swim meet – Ty Powder 6th / 7th Midge Castick & Michelle Harvie 


It’s time for a sunny Welsh walk swim August meet. Fingers crossed. Plans for the actual walk / swim will be decided nearer the time once we see the weather forecast.


Saturday will be the main walk. There are many options including swims near Snowdon/ Cloggy. There will most likely be a walk / swim on the Sunday, possibly in the Conwy valley Llyn Geirionydd and Llyn Glangors.




In addition to normal walking kit & waterproofs mermaids/ mermen will need footwear to swim in plus cossie/ budgie smugglers and any extra rubberwear you might require depending on the temperature. Don’t forget a warm jacket, woolly hat, gloves and a hot drink afterwards.  Midge will have her thermometer so we know how warm the lakes are. Non swimmers are very welcome.



Virginia Castick

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