Route Planing

  • Bikehike easy to use site for both cycling and waking.



  • BBC Weather.

  • Rain Today.

  • Met Office rainfall radar and more..

  • Mountain area forecasts. From the Met Office.

  • Another weather forecast site from YR based in Norway!

  • The Jet Stream. See what its up to. Click the Animate button.

  • US Navy - Global Weather Models. Complicated but very good 7 day forecast. Quick start - click on Europe Map then Previous 6hr Percipitation. (You will get a certificate error when using this site. I have been using this site for many years. AM)

  • First Hydro Web-Cameras. This site has live pictures from four cameras, all situated within a couple of miles of the KMC hut, Ty-Powdwr. If you're thinking of nipping down to the hut, you may want to take a look here to see what the weather is like first!

  • Web-Cams at The Point (near Gogarth) which picks up the Cardeddau on the right on a clear day. Or the seaward camera, which is really there for kyakers, but gives a better impression of the weather. It deliberately looks across a puddle on a flat roof, so you can see the rain/dryness situation. And a stone so you can see if the sun is shining.




by Jim Gregson

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