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Wednesday Scribbles
Who's planning to go to Witches' Quarry on Wed?
Posted: 22 May 10:11 am (JH)
I'm planning to, assuming decent weather.
Posted: 22 May 10:14 am (Gareth)
I'll be there, along with the awesome weather.
Posted: 22 May 10:19 am (EB)
I'm hoping to get to witches. Probably after 6 though.
Posted: 23 May 12:13 pm (Ben)

Sunday Scribbles
I lost my guide at Windgather yesterday, don't suppose anybody picked it up by accident? James
Posted: 22 May 12:31 pm (JM)
Anyone who's not at Pembroke want to get out to North Wales or the Lakes on Sunday?
Posted: 23 May 12:14 pm (Ben)

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