Club Meet

Malham and Gordale Hike, Camp and Climb

Fri 5th May - Sun 7th May, 2017

Virginia Castick

Meet Promo

We will camp at the large campsite at G.R. SD913635. This is on the path leading to Gordale Scar. We intend to arrive on the Friday afternoon. Facilities look fairly basic but there’s lots of space but if you don’t fancy it there is a Youth Hostel in Malham.

 On Saturday the focus will be on climbing either at Gordale for which you can almost belay from your tent or Malham Cove which is a short distance away. The climbing is generally hard so I intend to just take pictures. Our guidebooks are very out of date so please read up first from a more modern one.

Sunday will focus on a walk through Gordale Scar which is easier going uphill, and round to Malham Tarn where those with cossies might like a dip, you just have to avoid the signs which say ‘No Swimming .  A pleasant walk south along the Pennine Way brings you to the top of Malham Cove where you can lean over(gulp) and admire the drop. The path goes easily down the side of the Cove and into Malham Village.  Just south of the village a pleasant walk north east  along the the beck takes you back to the campsite. The walk will start at 10.30 for those coming for the day. This is not a long walk and could be fairly busy with tourists but for those who have never been to this area be amazed at the limestone scenery.

Be aware there is no Mobile signal in the valleys and not much on the tops.

Virginia Castick

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