Memories of Peter Walker

By Tony Gask

I enjoyed climbing and skiing with Pete — and I especially remember going to the Alps, and staying at Ailefroide in the Dauphine. I recall this was in 1989 and our routes included Mt Pelvoux. (I may have written something for the newsletter at that time.) He was a steady, reassuring companion, and I felt very safe climbing with him. He had a good sense of humour too – useful on and off the hill. He was amused when we were fined by the gendarmes, fifty miles from Calais on our return leg, but had run out of French money. We had also run out of Irish stew; his idea on catering for a three- week trip was to buy 21 tins of the stuff from Tesco! I am sure other members will have more comprehensive and more recent memories, but hope this little snippet is of interest.  

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