KMC Expeditions.

Every so often the KMC makes expeditions to far flung places. These are in addition to the normal Club meets in the UK and any regular pilgramages to Spain, the Alps etc. that are made by random bands of KMC members.

KMC Western Zaalaisky Expedition 2019

The Trans-Alay Pamirs of Kyrgyzstan’s Deep South
In August 2019 six members of the KMC organised an expedition associated with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the club, to the mountains of Western Zaalaisky, Kyrgyzstan. The team completed four first ascents and all returned safely. A full report is available in the members area.

Greenland Expedition 2005

Tornarssuk (R) from the N. [M. Wyser]

Following the success of the 2004 trip to Pamiagdluk Island, the KMC organised the Greenland Expedition 2005, this time to Tornarssuk Island. The final reports and photographs from the team are now available.

Greenland Expedition 2004

View North from the Baron

As part of the celebrations marking the KMC's 60th birthday in 2004 the Greenland Expedition 2004 was organised, with Base Camp on Pamiagdluk Island. These pages include the full report on the trip, along with lots of photographs.

Welsh/KMC Tsaranoro Massif 2001 Expedition

Dave Kenyon on the runnel pitch of Karma Chameleon

In 2001, the Club President, Duncan Lee, aided and abetted by Dave Kenyon, formed the Welsh/KMC Tsaranoro Massif 2001 Expedition. The two of them spent a month on Madagascar, where they put up 4 new routes and repeated 5 existing ones.

Greenland Expedition 1994


Way back in 1994, to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of the KMC, an Greenland Expedition 1994 was organised.

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