The Club Hut - Ty Powdwr: - Use

Located on the NE Side of Llyn Padarn, Map Ref 585609 OS Landranger Sheet 115 or OS Explorer Sheet 17. Private access road through Blue Peris Farm.

The Hut Team:

Hut Manager: Andy Stratford
Hut Treasurer: Mark Garrod
Hut Booking Secretary: Gregory Nunn

For Group Bookings please click here.

Users of the hut must Sign-In at the start of their visit and Sign-Out at the end of their visit. Follow the payment procedure on the notice board above the Signing In/Out book.

Current Fees:

  • Members: £7.00
  • Members Children (Under 18): £3.50

  • FRCC Members/Affiliated Club: £10.00
  • FRCC/Affiliated Club Children (Under 18): £5.00

  • Standard/Guest: £14.00
  • Standard/Guest Children (Under 18): £7.00

  • Members Pre-Paid Annual Hut Fee: £70.00

Ways to Pay

Cheques: should be made payable to the Karabiner Mountaineering Club, placed in the small envelopes provided and post it in the safe.

Online Banking: Members can click here for methods of payments.

Cash: place in the small envelopes provided and post it in the safe.

All payments must be accompanied with the following details:

  • name(s) of the visitor(s).
  • membership status.
  • dates and number of nights stayed.
  • amounts paid.

Print clearly on the front of the small envelopes provided before posting in the safe or email stay details to the hut treasurer.

Guidance/Management Rules

  1. One dormitory of 10 places is reserved for club members at all times. There are a further 23 places in 3 dormitories.

  2. Members inviting non-members to Ty Powdwr are responsible for their guests' behavior and payment of hut fees.

  3. No more than three guests may accompany any one member. Members can book places at the hut as an external booking, if it is available, if they wish to bring more than three guests.

  4. All rubbish should be placed in the bin-bags provided and taken to the bunker/wheelie bin on the public road for collection.

  5. All members and their guests must sign the Hut Book, complete the Fees Book and are expected to keep and leave the hut clean.

  6. A 5 mph speed limit should be observed on the private track leading to the hut. The gates at each end of the farm section of the track (both have a kissing gate) should be left closed, even if they are open when you arrive at them. Please show considerate behavior around S. Brown’s farm with whom we share the track by not disturbing her at any time.

  7. No pets allowed unless a permit has been granted.

Please note

As well as using TP for our own meets the KMC also allows outside parties to use TP as a base for mountain activities. There may be full-week school bookings: any Members experiencing problems, please contact the Hut Manager immediately. An updated Bookings List is on the Website and is published in every Newsletter. Any damage noted, and any complaint about the behavior of outside parties at Ty Powdwr, should be reported immediately to the Hut Manager.

Lost Property

´╗┐Email if any of the items belong to you.

Lost property box emptied 24 February 2019. articles will be retained for 3 months and then disposed

Pink shirt (pargame)

Cream tee shirt (M&S)

Overtrousers (Mountain Warehouse)

Black tee shirt (Triumph)

Black fleece top jacket (Peter Storm)

Dark blue training shorts (Lonsdale)

Blue bath towel (Chisty)

Black cycling shorts (Endura)

Brown bra

Blue denim trousers (32 W)

Pale blue face cloth

Red/black hat

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The lounge is well equipped, complete with a large gas stove to keep it warm even in the coldest weather.

The large kitchen has plenty of food preparation space, gas cooking facilities and seating for large groups.

The dormitories (sleeping areas) are alpine-bunk style.

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