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HOWS Logs:

DirectionDate TimeName
  Hut   2024-03-16 19:55:47 Les
  Hut   2024-02-09 23:20:02 Pete
  Road   2024-01-17 16:32:52 Karoly
  Hut   2024-01-07 19:28:51 Les
  Hut   2023-12-08 21:30:33 Gill
  Road   2023-06-18 08:48:29 Mimi
  Road   2023-06-17 17:29:32 Mimi
  Hut   2022-11-25 18:16:46 Cat
  Hut   2022-09-30 17:46:57 Masae
  Road   2022-04-18 10:14:05 Daniel
  Hut   2022-04-14 17:02:17 Simon
  Hut   2022-04-14 16:51:43 Simon
  Hut   2022-04-02 10:06:20 Michelle
  Hut   2021-12-31 14:50:20 Joe
  Hut   2021-08-27 18:42:57 Harry
  Hut   2020-01-25 15:04:10 Mimi
  Road   2020-01-25 09:54:40 Mimi
  Hut   2020-01-25 08:04:41 Mimi

Ty Powdwr - North Wales

Hut Access Track
The final track leading up to the hut is around 500m with no passing places. It is therefore recommended to activate the Hut One Way System (HOWS) in the direction you wish to travel.

Activating HOWS
You can activate a 10 minute slot by completing the HOWS form at either Bus Stop Quarry turn-around or at the Hut just before driving onto the single track lane.

Please note:
Even though HOWS may be in operation it does NOT guarantee VEHICLES are traveling in the opposite/wrong direction! Drivers may not know about this system, may not have access to the Internet OR are simply chancing it.
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