Joining the Club

Newcomers are welcome to join our meets as a 'Prospective' before deciding to become a member. This gives you a chance to see if you like us and our meets. You can come to as many meets as you like before becoming a KMC member. We don't do instruction, tuition or coaching. If you're a complete beginner, take a short course to get the basics in whichever discipline you're interested in. To attend our climbing meets, you should be able to tie in and belay competently.

People who come to our meets before becoming KMC members are called Prospectives. As a Prospective, you will receive 3 months of free BMC Third Party Liability Insurance. After 3 months, you must pay the BMC fee or become a KMC Associate Member to stay insured if you wish to continue to attend KMC Meets.

How this works:

Register online in advance of your first meet. Your 3 months of free BMC Third Party Liability Insurance will start on the date you attend your first meet. We will send you information to pay your BMC fee 8 weeks after you attend your first meet, so that you stay covered.


Register online as a Prospective



Becoming a Member of KMC

If you're planning to attend our meets regularly and become part of the club, then we encourage you to become a KMC member. KMC membership gives you access to lots of great things:

✔ Become part of the KMC community of 165+ members

✔ Access to our incredible club hut in Wales

✔ Access to all meets - including member-only meets

✔ ‘Scribble’ access - find a climbing partner

✔ BMC discounts

✔ Exclusive KMC Club Newsletter

✔ Club Annual Handbook

✔ Being part of an historic club established in 1944


We have two member levels: Associate & Full, for those over 18 years of age:

Associate Member Requirements:

  • Attend 4 meets within a six month period
  • Gain signatures from 3 full members to support your application

  • Complete your application with this information

  • Pay your subscription 

Full Member Requirements:

  • Be an Associate member for six months

  • Expectation that you will be active at club meets during that time


If you like the sound of this, then we look forward to seeing you at one of our meets soon.


Register as a Prospective to attend a KMC meet


KMC Member Subscription: £34.00
Prospective BMC Insurance*: £34.00

* - Upgrade to KMC Member before the end of the year at no extra cost.

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