Joining the KMC.

You are welcome to attend any number of meets without being a member. There is no limit to the number of meets you may attend before deciding to apply for membership. Non-members wishing to attend should simply pick a meet from our extensive events lists then contact the club so that we know to look out for you. After attending a few meets you can decide if the club is for you.

Download - New/Associate Member Application Form

Membership Details

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over, and is achieved in two stages, initially becoming an Associate Member and later upgrading to Full Member. Requirements are straightforward, after attending a minimum of four meets within a six month period you may apply to become a New/Associate member of the Club. Please bear in mind that you will need the signatures of 3 Hon/Full Members. An application for Full Membership will be considered after a further six month period.

We do not set out to teach people the skills of walking, mountaineering or rock climbing. The BMC (British Mountaineering Council), 'phone 0161 445 6111, run courses which would be more suitable if you wish to be taught skills by qualified instructors. However, we are happy to welcome beginners to come along and try various activities, although you must note that all club activities are undertaken at your own risk, in accordance with BMC guidelines.

The club has a Hut in North Wales. Some meets are based there and non-members are welcome to come along. See the meets list. The hut is available for use by Members at any time without booking. Associate Members can obtain a key for the days at the hut from the Associate Members Representative as only Full Members are allowed to have a hut key.

Members are expected to support outdoor meets as often as possible, however it is perfectly acceptable to go off and do your own thing. You are welcome to attend any number of meets before deciding about membership.

Once you have attended at least four official meets, you can apply to join the KMC by filling in a New/Associate Member Application Form.

To become a Full Member you must have been an Associate Member of the Club for at least 6 months. Simply fill in an Upgrade to Full Member Form.

The annual membership fee, should you do decide to join, is currently £25.00 and must be submitted with your application for membership. If you wish to make a payment online please contact Should your application be unsuccessful all monies will be returned.

Some of the benefits of being a member of the KMC include:

  • The Club is affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council, so you will become a "Club Member" of the BMC. This includes Civil Liability Insurance which is currently up to £10m. You will not need to separately join the BMC in order to buy their world wide insurance. KMC Members can upgrade their BMC membership status from "Club Member" to "Individual Member" at a special rate. See BMC Membership for more details.

  • Cheap nightly rate at the club hut in Wales and access any time of the year.

  • Full Members can apply to have a set of hut keys.

  • A yearly handbook, including contact details for all KMC members.

  • A full copy of the Newsletter every 2 months, which includes all the KMC news and notices.

  • Last minute Club notices and meet updates via e-mail (if you choose to provide an e-mail address).

  • Access to member areas of the Clubs website including the Scribble Board.

  • Your subscription helps to keep the club running with a full schedule of meets throughout the year.

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