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General Email Enquiry (preferred)

Sent to a number of KMC members and should be answered within a day or two.

Please use either:

However, if you would rather talk to a real person, feel free to:

  • join us on any meet. (Mid-week meets recommended).

  • come down to Manchester Climbing Centre on the first Thursday of the month except August at around 9pm where you will be able to talk to a member of the committee. However it is worth contacting the club beforehand as Manchester Climbing Centre is quite a large complex. You don't actually have to climb there to talk to us.

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Joining the Karabiner Moutaineering Club

We recommend reading Joining first.


Enquiries about booking the Hut can be made by contacting the Hut Bookings Secretary at:

Accommodation at the hut is available for bookings by climbing clubs and other recognised organisations. Note that bookings should be made well in advance. Check the hut pages for details and availability.


Meet reports, articles and any other contributions to go into the Newsletter should be emailed to the Newsletter Editor at:

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