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The KMC website presentation is done with CSS, with the exception of the members areas, will function with cookies and/or Javascript switched OFF (Please note that by default most web browsers will have these two functions switched ON).

For more information with regard to: Cookies, Javascript and CSS please use your favourite search engine and/or click on a link below.

If you allow cookies in your browser, then this website will set a PHPSESSID session cookie. The only purpose of the PHPSESSID cookie is to allow members to login to the members area. Some functions of the website are only allowed for logged in members. This cookie expires when you close your browser.

This website can be customized for various types of media/devices. If you allow cookies in your browser, this website can be presented in a number of ways by choosing options in the 'Website Style' menu. A number is stored in a cookie called KMCSTYLEID. The next time you visit this website, from the same computer and the same browser, the number stored in this cookie is used to present the website in the style of your choice. This does not involve javascript. This cookie expires after one year, unless you refresh it by clicking on a style mode link or clear it yourself from within your browser options.

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