Dave at the point where you realise there isn't much gear on this slab (Photo: Roger Dyke)  

John Warburton on 'Endgame' (F5b), Bram Crag Quarry, Thirlmere. (Colin Maddison)
Warby on 'St John's Ambulance' (F4c), Bram Crag Quarry. (Colin Maddison)
Joe Flyn, on 'Goodbye Mr Major' (F6a), Bram Crag Quarry. (Colin Maddison)
Glaciated Slabs, Combe Gill, Borrowdale. (Colin Maddison)
Roger Dyke approaching Glaciated Slabs. (Colin Maddison)
Roger on 'Trod Pimp' (S), Glaciated Slabs. (Colin Maddison)
Dave on 'Trod Tethera' (VD), Glaciated Slabs. (Colin Maddison)
Looking west from Castle Rock, Thirlmere. (Colin Maddison)
Joe Flynn on 'Via Media' (S), Castle Rock, Thirlmere. (Colin Maddison)
Dave making the 1st lead of the day on Glaciated Slab (Roger Dyke)
Dave at the point where you realise there isn't much gear on this slab (Roger Dyke)
Colin finding there is even less gear on the S to the left (Roger Dyke)
Colin high on Glaciated Slab (Roger Dyke)
Did I really drive 130 miles to come out with this crew? (Roger Dyke)

Salving House, Borrowdale

Members. Joe Flynn, Dave Wylie, Roger Dyke, Colin Madderson, Lester Payne

Guests. John Warburton (KMC member 70’s and 80’s), Richard Applegate and Justyna,


After a wet week the weekend forecast looked hopeful, so people arrived early on Friday afternoon.  Colin, John and I stopped off at Bram Crag Quarry near Castle Rock in Thirlmere. My first visit to the granite quarry which has lots of good bolted routes. Roger called me from the telephone kiosk in Rosthwaite via the operator in Goostrey (Sally) that he had arrived at the hut, which has no mobile signal, and he was waiting for us. He then went for a walk to the Bowderstone and had a look at the condition of crags in the vicinity. Dave stopped near Dockray, and in his own words .....“made my way up onto Watermillock Common then over to Swineside Knott. I was in very thick low cloud by this point, so I had to do all my navigation by map, compass, timing and pacing. I headed West and then upwards onto Birkett Fell, through the mist to Hart Side, Green Side , up onto the Dodds, taking in Stybarrow Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Great Dodd and Little Dodd from there to Calfhow Pike then Clough Head. I finally went North East and got myself down to the Old Coach Road and back to the car. The whole walk covered more than 12 miles, with over 800 metres of up and down.”

Lester joined us later in the Salving house together with a few FRCC members.


Weather on Saturday morning looked Ok with some clouds and a touch of blue sky. John and I went up Honister Pass to Buckstone Howe and climbed Honister Wall. A good route with good views of the people on the Honister Quarry Via Ferrata across the pass – only £37.50 a go! Dave, Colin and Roger went to Glaciated Slabs about a 2 mile walk from the hut where they did a number of good quality routes. Lester brought his bike and did a heroic cycle over Honister Pass to Buttermere, then to Keswick via the Newlands Pass and back to the hut. It was around 27 miles and over some serious hills. Richard and Justyna popped into the hut at breakfast to say hello and then to Shepherd’s Upper Crag where they climber 5 of the 6 routes.


Colin, Lester, John and I went to Castle Rock, Thirlmere and climbed on South Crag in the sun. Routes climbed Gazebo, Direct Route, Via Media, Yew tree, Slab route and Gangway. Roger walked to Watendlath. Dave walked up Hartsop Dodd, then to Stony Cove Pike and to Thornthwaite Crag. A walk he described as a good half day walk from Beetham Cottage. Richard and Justyna blasted up and down Scafell Pike in 2 hours .

A good weekend in a small cosy and well located hut. Thanks to all who came.

Joe Flynn
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