Sun 19th Apr, 1998

True Grit - Gardom's Edge

WHO CAME? Michelle Harvie, Matt (guest), Sabina Cosulich, Jeremy Engineer (guest), Dave Wylie, Dave Dillon, Ken Beetham, Robert Clark, Linda Batey, Lorna Marsland, Rick Davies, Colin Maddison.


WHAT CONQUERED? Probably a fear of green slime! Jeremy's start on Nowanda (HVS) looked suitably hard, with other routes bagged including Garden Face (various), NMC Crack and Apple Arête. Colin took the green approach, train and foot to the crag, and retrieving unsightly friends from cracks whilst soloing. Ken dropped by, but wasn't tempted by the conditions to don a harness. Dave W can now say he has used his new guidebook to Chatsworth area.

ANYTHING ELSE? Just thanks to those who came out on a day rather cooler and cloudier than hoped for - good effort.

Mark Garrod

Meet Promo:

Of course it's warm enough, Gardom's has, I'm told, loads of stuff for everyone. Bring you running gear hust in case it's 'orrible.

Parking is at the Robin Hood (A619) 281722, or near crossroads at 278740. Suggest 11 a.m. onwards, near Och Aye Wall or Moyer's Butress areas.

Mark Garrod

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