Sun 14th Apr, 2002

Hotpot and Slide Competition

First things first. Grovelling apologises are due for my absence as are big thank yous to Colin for covering for me, Ian for leading the walk and to Mr. Dobson for sorting out the judging of the slide competition for me. Thank you one and all. It was nice, sunny and hot in Sardinia however but I digress.


The Climbing: Stanage High Neb Area.

Members present: Colin Maddison, James Richardson, Neville McMillan, Roger Dyke, Virginia Castick, Joanne Castick, Paul Evans, Bob Mort, Dave Shotton, Linda Crossley, Craig Marsden, Bridget Mapleson, Martin Heaton, Zoe Talks, John Evans, Al Metelko, Dave Dillon, Lester Payne, Mark Ashley, Rich Johnson, Dave Wylie, Ann Sanderson, Paul Harding, Julie Harding and Steve Jolly.

Guests Present: Roisin Maddison, Martin Willcox, Shane, Martyn Mandel, Julie Johnson, baby Johnson, Jessica Harding, Fiona Roy and assorted friends.


Back to the proper climbing on clods own rock. The usually peaceful High Neb area had been invaded by several parties including the massed ranks of the KMC despite the COLD (ha) wind across the top of the crag. It even stayed dry until about 4pm when light rain forced the last hardy souls to follow the rest to the café or the pub.

Before rain stopped play however most of the low and middle grade routes in the area received some attention with High Neb Buttresses runner placements not being troubled by Al. Other routes assaulted and assailed include Norse Corner Climb, Tango Crack, Tango Buttress, Inaccessible Crack, Eric's Eliminate and a variety of other things that I failed to translate from Colin's kindly scribbled notes. He should be a doctor.

The day did however see one of the final outings of Roger Dykes old rack (now on display in the mountaineering museum in Reghed) much to Neville's relief. Long may it rust in peace. With a suitably thirst worked up a retreat to the pub was made for the rest of the days entertainment.


The Slide Show: The Navigation.

Once again The Navigation proved to be a popular venue for the evenings activities with 48 people sitting down for an enjoyable meal before the main event, the slide competition. The winners that were chosen are as follows:

Rock Climbing Action

  1. Duncan Lee
  2. Dave Dillon
  3. Andrew Croughton

Mountain Action

  1. Andrew Croughton
  2. Andrew Croughton
  3. Dave Lygate

Human Interest

  1. Colin Maddison
  2. Duncan Lee
  3. Dave Dillon

Mountain Landscape

  1. Virginia Castick
  2. Colin Maddison
  3. Duncan Lee

The winning pictures can bee seen in The Gallery


Thanks to everyone who turned up, entered slides and generally helped to make it a most enjoyable meet by all accounts.

The Walk: Edges Walk

Members present: Ken. Beetham, John Castick, Andy Croughton, Alan Jones, David Lygate, Iain McCallum, Lorna Marsland, Alan Peck, Nigel Rosenbaum, Brian Street (10)

Guests present: Joan Green, Emilia Krajeska, Dudley Moore, Zoe Rosenbaum, David Swindlehurst (5)

Children: Hannah and Harry Rosenbaum aged 3 & 2 respectively.

Dog: Tomba.


The weather forecast proved accurate ! Sunny in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon with rain later. After morning tea in the café at Grindleford we climbed up through the woods and onto Froggatt Edge. Alan caught us up as we approached Curbar - a little late after a 6.30am start! Following a pit stop near the car park at Curbar we followed the path along White Edge. Views of the Peak were superb - Kinder, Mam Tor, Lose Hill, Whin Hill, Stanage, Carl's Wark were all bathed in sunshine. However, the weather started to change, clouds began to gather and the wind became pretty keen. As we neared the Longshaw Estate we met Ken, "the Old Man of the Hills". Not easy to recognise in his disguise of very dark glasses but the shape gave him away!

After lunch at Longshaw Lodge, the Rosenbaum team departed for Grindleford. Our route now took us along Burbage and round the valley to Higger Tor. Below the Tor we stopped for a drink before crossing the moor towards Millstone. Rain threatened as we dropped down past Laurence Filed through the woods in Bole Hill Quarry but it held off until we reached the café and tea at Grindleford at about 4.30pm. (Distance about 12 miles)

Thanks for your support.

Iain McCallum

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

The Climbing: Stanage High Neb Area.

Weather permitting, meet up at the High Neb area of Stanage anytime after 10.30am to sample some of the finest routes on Peak gritstone. What more can I say except that a balaclava may be useful to avoid pestering by the clubs very own paparazzi, otherwise know as Wavey Davey and Big Andy.

Duncan Lee.


The Walk: Edges Walk.

Route: Grindleford - Froggatt - White Edge - Longshaw Lodge - Burbage - Higger Tor - Millstone Edge - Grindleford.

Maps: OS. Outdoor Leisure Sheets -1 & 24

Meet at 9.30am. for 9.45am. start on Grindleford Station approach road near Café GR251788 - parking on the road. Refreshments are available at Longshaw Lodge and the Station Café.

A good tramp around the Eastern Edges of the Peak District on good paths and tracks. Distance about 12 miles. The walk can easily be modified to suit the conditions.

Iain McCallum.


The Hotpot.

This year the meal and slideshow will again be held at The Navigation Inn in Buxsworth (near Chinley) priced at £6 per person. The pub is open all day with the meal being served at 7.30pm. As usual there is a vegetarian option available so let me know your preference when you book. Please book early as I need to let the pub know the final numbers a week before hand.


The Slide Competition.

As per usual the four categories are:

  1. Mountain action
  2. Mountain landscape
  3. Rock climbing action
  4. Human interest.

Please remember that there is a maximum of three slides per person for each category and that it would help our impartial judge (yet to be announced to avoid bribery or blackmail) if you clearly mark each slide with your name and the category that you wish it to be entered into. The slides also have to have been taken during the last twelve months. The last date to hand in slides for the competition is Thursday 11th April.

Anyone who wishes to show other slides after the competition are most welcome to do so. Try not to put the competition entries to shame as happened last year.

Anyone interested in the climbing who needs a lift, wants to book a meal or has slides to enter can generally find me at the pub on most Thursday evenings or can contact me at home.

Duncan Lee

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