Sun 4th Dec, 2011

Local Bouldering

Hardy souls out on Burbage delights

Meet Promo:

The plan is to head to Burbage South for some bouldering fun!!! The Burbage South Boulders provide one of the friendliest circuits in the Peak. There are stacks of easy problems, all with perfect landings, and the occasional harder problem tucked in between them. The boulders are in a beautiful setting at the bottom of the Burbage Valley, sheltered from the worst of the winds.

I am hoping to get to the Brick boulders for about 11am. Once we are too cold to climb anymore the plan is to head to The Fox House pub for refreshments.

Heather Driscoll

Bob steps forward (Roger Dyke)
Bob defies gravity, rain, etc (Roger Dyke)
and returns to earth (Roger Dyke)
Simon steps forward (Roger Dyke)
Warming hands on radiant energy (Roger Dyke)
Heather demonstrates (Roger Dyke)
Katharine tip toes up (Roger Dyke)
Door stop finale (Roger Dyke)

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