Sun 9th Sep, 2012


Phil Jarvis, Jim Symon, Robert Clark, Al Metelko, Christine Beeston, Dave Dillon, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie, Duncan Lee, Colin Madison, Peter McNulty, James Williams, Roger Dyke, Peter Walker, Iain McCallum, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Viginia Castick, John Castick, Doctor John and son Tom, The Red Arrows, Eric the Red Viking and the team that thought they'd have a quiet day at a quiet crag.


One of the best days at Laddow with enough of a breeze to keep the midge away, even when the sun had left the climbs in shadow. Lots of climbs done with plenty entertainment on the routes out of the cave. Eric kept the hot water coming and the Red Arrows used Holm Moss as a beacon. Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to those who brought up cake and water and to Trish who made a fine lemon drizzle (yes, one slice was for you Ken).

Al Metelko

Meet Promo:

The KMC’s traditional venue – help keep the heather at bay.

Looks like it could be dry on Sunday. So I’ll be there and will bring a stove, kettle, some milk and teabags for the cave. If you are coming along, please bring a mug and some water. There might even be some cake! For a mass walk-in meet at the car park in Crowden at around 9:30am. For directions click here.

See you there

Christine well run-out on North Climb (Roger Dyke)
Rob, arranging serious rope-drag on Little Crowberry (Roger Dyke)
Al on the move (Dave Wylie)
Al not on the move (Dave Wylie)
Roger on Long Climb (Dave Wylie)
Roger still on Long Climb (Dave Wylie)
On the ledge of Long Climb (Dave Wylie)
The Hand (Dave Wylie)
Bugger off - this is my route (Dave Wylie)
James starting 2nd pitch of Long Climb (Dave Wylie)
James higher on Long Climb (Dave Wylie)

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