Sun 17th Aug, 2003

Froggatt Climbing

Heather Driscoll

Members: Lester Payne, Mark Ashley, Dave Dillon, Daniel O'Brien, Andrew Croughton, Sheena Hendrie, Sabina Cosulich, Mark Garrod, Sue Brooke, John Dobson, Roy Lee, Ian Crook, Al Metelko, Rob Allen, John Evans, Fiona Roy, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, Martin Heaton, Zoe Talks, Cathy Gordon, Jenny Varley (Particle), Paul Evans.

Guests: Antonio Osuna, John Cox, Alex Dobson, Jackie Storbeck, Shane Storbeck, Alex Heaton, Emily Hulley, Roger Daley, Tris Cranston, David Moon.


With almost perfect weather for late summer climbing, I was looking forward to a great day at Froggatt. An amazing day was had but it was interrupted by the clouds of midges flying around everybody for most of the day. With midge spray in hand, lots of climbing and socialising was done. There was the usual queue at the bottom of Heather Wall for most of the day with some braving the delights of Tody's Wall whilst their second fought with the midges. Many other of the classics at Froggatt were done throughout the day like Chequer's Buttress, Slab Recess, Trapeze and Trapeze Direct plus Hawks Nest, Green Gut and Valkyrie. In the glorious sunshine, Roy Lee (Granddad) was also seen climbing the delights of both Sunset Crack and Heather Wall whilst Ivy Lee (Nana) stayed with the cars just to keep an eye on them for everybody. So all that's lefts to say is thanks for the fantastic turnout, like every year, it was a wonderful day with the Creche in full swing and the same brilliant atmosphere. Let's see if I can discover a different crag for next year!!

To the people who disappeared to a nice limestone crag without midges, I hope you had an equally good day and climbed lots and lots.

Heather Driscoll

Meet Promo:

I'll be at the Tody's Wall area from about 10.30am, depending on the weather, and hope that some of the KMC members will meet me for a spot of climbing and lots of socializing.

Heather Driscoll

Emergency Friend to the rescue (Andrew Croughton)
Al feeling more secure (Andrew Croughton)
Fi topping out (Andrew Croughton)
Fi leading (Andrew Croughton)
Jenny enjoying herself (Andrew Croughton)
El Presidente (Andrew Croughton)
Cathy (Sheena Hendrie)
Dave (Dave Dillon)
Wavey leads (Andrew Croughton)
Roy seconding (Andrew Croughton)
Sue belaying John (Andrew Croughton)
Roy seconding (Andrew Croughton)
Roy seconding (Andrew Croughton)
More leading (Andrew Croughton)
The second follows (Andrew Croughton)
Dan prepares... (Andrew Croughton)
to eat cake! (Andrew Croughton)
a bit of bouldering (Andrew Croughton)
Chequers Buttress (Andrew Croughton)
Chequers Buttress (Andrew Croughton)
Heather leading (Andrew Croughton)
Heather (Dave Dillon)
Baffled by the new guidebook (Dave Dillon)
You can be Mother, Joe (Jenny Varley)
Mmm, Cakes! (Jenny Varley)
More cakes (Jenny Varley)
Al leading (Jenny Varley)
Fi seconding (Jenny Varley)
Third on the rope (Jenny Varley)
Al Belaying (Jenny Varley)
Fi in the undergrowth (Jenny Varley)
More shrubbery (Jenny Varley)
Paul (Dave Dillon)

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