Fri 6th Nov - Sun 8th Nov, 2015

Ty Powdwr Bonfire Meet

Members: John Castick, Roger Dyke, Kirsten Mundt, Christine Beeston, Rob Allen, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Lester Payne, Dave Shotton, Bob Milward, Dave Wylie and Mark Ashley


Saturday dawned showery and dull, Kirsten and I went for a low level walk with Dave W, via the Cabane.  Various people went for a tour of gear shops and cafes in Llanberis, with Dave and Lester having a tasty pumpkin soup in Caffi Sam.

Roger popped over from Rhoscolyn for the evening, and we all enjoyed a nice quiet bonfire on quite a clear night, with mulled wine from Kirsten and some home-made toffee from Trish.  Later on, Bob (back from Canada and attending his first KMC meet for years) entertained us with his banjo in the lounge, singing some traditional KMC songs.

Sunday was really very wet for most of the day.  Rob, Kirsten and I attempted an ascent of Elidir Fawr, but an hour into the walk decided that we were wet enough already and retreated back to the hut.  Several people helped to clear out the kitchen and dorms in advance of the core drilling/heating and ventilation work scheduled for the following weeks.  John, Dave and Lester kindly stayed on for much of the following week to liaise with the core drillers.

Thanks to all for a quiet and friendly weekend, and to Dave S for his help with the meet report.

Christine Beeston

Meet Promo:

This bonfire meet will be just BEFORE the first phase of the heating and ventilation work takes place, so help will be needed to emptythe dormitories and kitchen at the end of the meet.  Please contact Christine Beeston if you plan to help with this.  Please bring cardboard boxes so we can move the kitchen utensils as quickly as possible!

The successful Bonfire Meet returns.  Bring your old wood, magazines (and effigies??) to burn on our own home-made, well-constructed bonfire. 

Fireworks are kept to a minimum to ensure our neighbourly relations are well maintained, but this certainly doesn't dampen the occasion.  Think mulled wine, warm cake, whisky, hot chocolate and you'll be along the right lines. 

We may well see the return of Dave Wylie's brilliant hand crafted outdoor lanterns, lending a ritualistic bent to the whole affair. 


Welcome - join us. 


Arranged by the committee:  email for more info about the meet.  If you're a newcomer you'll need to speak to us about access.


Christine Beeston

Candle Trail (Roger Dyke)
Getting going (Roger Dyke)
The Fire-Devil (Roger Dyke)
Cooking up "Climbers" (Roger Dyke)
Where's the mulled wine gone? (Roger Dyke)

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