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Ty Powdwr New Years Eve Extravaganza

Fri 29th Dec - Mon 1st Jan, 2018

Caro Churchill


Caro Churchill (AM – leading her first meet, no pressure), Steven Lopacki (G – party assistant), Dakota Shirfield (G), Kate Perry (G), Tom Driver (G), Jim Symon (M), Philippa Maye (M), Andy Stratford (M), Jo Stratford (M), Dave Wylie (M), Richard Applegate (G), George Wallace (M), Dave Dillon (M), J Engineer (M), C Devine (M), G Engineer (G), M Harvie (M), M Garrod (M), Trish Cranston, Al Metelko (M)

Well the weather did allow us to get there and think we can safely say we had fun. A few of us arrived on the Friday night and after an evening of Cards Against Humanity we headed out for a short day on the 30th which took us up Senior’s Gully, a mere 1- scramble in Ogwen Valley right by Idwall Slabs. Given the wet rock and cheeky gusts of wind this was enough for fresh air to get us warmed up for a bigger day on NYE.

11 of us set off us back to Ogwen Valley for a walk on NYE.

From the parking cross to Tal y Llyn Ogwen over the bridge, followed the stream direct (Afon Lloer) for about 1km then head east up a rocky path to Pen Yr Ole Wen, following the ridge line to Carnedd Fach and onto Carnedd Daffyd. We split into 2 groups here as some carried on to bag the next Carnedd while the rest of us continued past the carin of Daffyd for another kilometer then looking for a descent towards the lake Ffynnon Lloer which involved walking into hail that was sharp and painful on the skin. A free spa treatment whether we wanted it or not. We continued past the lake aiming for a stream feeding into it further down the valley, then headed down the stream aiming for start point of Tal y Llyn Ogwen. With a nice frosting of snow, it was a bit fresh on the tops but stunning views made it wonderful too. For Kate it was her first mountain day and it felt sufficiently epic given the elements and character building (ie. Wet, cold and windy) conditions.

The lot who took the longer route turned NE for Carnedd Llewellyn just as the first waves of hail arrived. Everyone had stopped to don over-trousers just in time as the wind was a bit stronger now and the hail pummelled faces. A couple of frozen looking fell runners passed us in clothes that looked a little skimpy for some of the group. They made the top of Carnedd Llewellyn in another blow of hail, and decided to descend immediately down the eastern snow slopes. They overtook the fell runners in the slippery snow drifts on the east facing slopes and they followed our heel-steps, glad of not having to try and stamp in with fell shoes. Eventually they reached the slightly flatter section before the drop to the Bwlch of Erly Fachog, grabbing a 10 minute bite to eat out of the biting wind. They then descended quickly from the Bwlch to the reservoir and track and were caught in the inevitable rain showers in the valley at lower altitude. They did all this in a swift 5 hours car to car, but not surprising that they wanted to stay warm by moving - given that with the wind chill the temperatures were around minus fifteen!

It was then time to set up a fun evening to ring in the new year. Games were arranged and with the “poledark”* dance by Trish being a highlight for all. At first. Then there was some divine engineering* with only an old climbing magazine and a strip of gaffa tape. Finally before midnight the cereal box game* took the biscuit with Jim (in his underpants) and Philippa winning the agility couple award while Cath and young Gabriella stole the show as most flexible family over all. Then it was time to fire up the disco with Dave W’s ingenious wiring solution involving a matchstick making up the lack or a particular kind of conventional cabling. Harnessing the KMC hut loft resources of disco lights and thus we got the dancing started. A final flurry of competitive prowess of the evening then took place with some table caving*. Much fun, dancing, hollering (sorry singing) and sufficient fizz was had.

* Apologies that these terms might seem mysterious, or just nonsense, to those who were not present. It would be just too much to try and explain so I will leave it up to your imagination or disinterest to work with it (or not).

Caro Churchill

Meet Promo:

We'll be ringing in the new year at the lovely KMC Hut.

A relaxed gathering, where we see what people feel like doing (climbing, walking, scrambling and maybe even a New Year Day dip) and what the weather allows.

New Year's Eve there'll be the opportunity for some dancing action (disco, funk, soul etc) in the lounge and quieter social space in the kitchen.
Bring food to share and sort your own refreshments.

Let's hope the weather allows us to get there!

Caro Churchill

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