Sun 6th Mar, 2022

Bouldering meet

Vicky Lee

“Stony Edge is a real gem of a crag” with “problems at all grades, from the joyfully easy to the hideously hard, and all angles from desperate roofs to sublime slabs.” Plus it’s also in a wonderfully isolated moorland setting where you can also climb straight off England’s highest beach (it’s not The Gaddings despite popular belief) if the tide is out, aka the reservoir is low.

The approach described in the Lancashire Bouldering guide is no longer used due to parking issues so park at The White House Inn on the A58 and walk in from there passing Cow’s Mouth Quarry on the way. The walk in is a flat 40 minute stroll and can be broken up with a pit stop at the boulders near Cow’s Mouth if it’s all a bit too much.

I plan to be at the car park about 10am weather permitting.

Vicky Lee

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