Fri 15th Apr - Mon 18th Apr, 2022


Gregory Nunn

Do you like cake? Do you like fine french pastries? Do you like cheap good wine? Do you like soft cheese? Oh.... and do you like bouldering?  

WELL... Fontainebleau is the trip for you!


The forest of Fontainebleau holds some amazing bouldering venues with a relaxed atmosphere where you do as much or as little as you wish.

There is also the opportunity for exploring in the forest as well, with others doing a spot of Geocaching, hammock sleeping and sun bathing.

Good Friday to Easter Monday 2022 - which I beleve is the Friday 15th April to Monday 18th April 2022

We will be staying at Campsite Les Pres. (To be confrimed) 

1 Chemin des Prés
77880 Grez-sur-Loing
GPS location :
48.317318, 2.696513

We would like to get an idea of number before the end of March 2022

What We need to know is:

  1. Are you coming?
  2. Can you drive
    1. Do you have a car
    2. Are you willing to drive to Font
  3. What days are you able to do.

This will allow us to see who we can buddy people up with to car share.


A few of us have made this pilgrimage quite a few times passing the England's Southern Sandstone and move onto the hard French. 


The usual route is to leave Thursday evening and get to Font 3am. Quickly set up tents and get some kip in before a easy late morning climb on Good Friday.


There are some large supermarkets located a short drive from the campsite to buy food staples. There is a local bakery to buy breakfast from each morning. At least once over the trip the pizza van will be on site and I would also suggest that we have a BBQ one night.


You will need to provide your own food, camping equipment and don't forget your climbing shoes.


If there is anyone not going that has mats we could borrow it would be greatly appreciated.


Myself and Izy will be going from London and will meet you there, but will endeavor to have the camp ground partly set up.


Wet weather options:

  1. Astrix land
  2. Disney land
  3. Hire Kayaks next door
  4. Some big French building

Some climbing venues can be found on the link below:

Bouldering in Fontainebleau | Full info & Best Topos

Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a must visit place for every climber. Situated about 70 km South-East from Paris the climbing area consists of multiple different sectors located around the Fontainebleau village.

Hope to see you there!

Gregory Nunn

Gregory Nunn

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