Sun 14th Aug, 2022

10 Edges

Daniel O'Brien

The Ten* Edge Challenge

Members: Dan O’Brien, Gowry Sisupalan, Mich Harrison, Cathy Gordon, Izy Somers, Greg Nunn

Guests: Greag’s friends who I neglected to get the name of. Sorry!

So on reflection, holding the Ten Edges Challenge meet on one of the hottest weekends in history might have been a mistake.  Nevertheless, a small band of adventurers headed to the peak in search of some shade and what adventure we could manage.  We chose Gardoms as one of the more sheltered locations we could think of though unfortunately we did end up climbing at the sunniest part of the crag.

Gowry, Nils and Cathy climbed Apple Crack (VD) and NMC Crack (HVD) which was also climbed by Dan and Mich - a popular choice probably due to it being the only route that was entirely in the shade.  Greg and friends climbed Apple Jack Cracks (VD) and Gowry led Apple Arete (VS) in fine style followed by Nils and Cathy.  Mich also led Apple Arete as the temperatures started climbing with a sweaty Dan following.

After lunch in the shade of a nearby tree Dan and Mich climbed Tree Groove (VS) with Dan leading the “cop out finish” according to the guidebook, blaming an unholy combination of absurd heat and lichen. They went in search of the Gardoms Unconquerable (VS) which, due to being covered in guano with a large empty nest on the mid-height ledge, remains unconquered.  A comment on the route from UKC was found along the lines of “this was never VS and certainly isn’t in current condition”.

At this point the pub beckoned and we regrouped in the shade of the Robin Hood Inn beer garden for much needed rehydration.  Perhaps the Ten Edges will return next year.  Maybe we’ll try it outside the height of summer…. Thanks to all who attended.


Daniel O'Brien

Meet Promo:

*** Date Changed to Sunday 14th August ***


Meet at Gardoms from 10am for a day's climbing instead. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water! 

We'll do the Ten Edges later in the year when it's less "burny". 


Ten Edge Challenge 2022 - Official Call for Entries
The Ten Edges Challenge (TEC) will take place on Sunday 14th August 2022.  This is the ultimate outdoor challenge involving running, hiking, climbing and sitting in the pub.  First attempted in the early 1900s ( the TEC has a long tradition of separating the capable from the culpable and this year the KMC will be adding to this rich heritage.

The aim is start in the lay-by at Bamford Edge and run to the Robin Hood Inn at Birchen Edge taking in a route on each of the following crags along the way:

Stanage High Neb
Stanage Popular*
Burbage North
Burbage South

Ten climbs, on Ten crags… On foot.  As simple as that.  Oh, and you must stop off at The Grouse pub at the half-way point.

That sounds great!  How do I enter?
To enter the Ten Edges Challenge, please send the following information:

  • The two names of the members of your team
  • A team name

If you want to enter a team to undertake the challenge, please let me know via the intend to attend list or contact me by phone, in person, popular networking websites, carrier pigeon, message in a bottle or any other means possible (e-mail is best!).

Note: There will also be a reserve list for people without partners who want to participate so please get in touch and I'll make sure you get paired off!

Call for support/non-participants

If you don’t fancy running or climbing then why not walk the route?  It will be a brilliant day, you can cheer on the runners and then enjoy an evening in the pub and on the campsite celebrating.

Additionally, we are looking for volunteers for the support team who will help organise the checkpoints and help teams in trouble.

So what are the rules?
The TEC is a race in the very loosest sense of the word.  There is a fixed start point and end point but it is down to participants to choose their route between the edges.  There is no fixed start time however it will take around 6-8hrs for most teams to complete the course.

START POINT:           Lay-by at Bamford Edge (next to the stile)

END POINT:               Robin Hood Inn Car Park (DE45 1PQ)

There are three checkpoints along the route.  You must inform TEC Admin via text (SMS) when you reach them.

Checkpoint 1 – Start Line:    Text ‘GO’ 

Checkpoint 2 – The Pub:      Text ‘PUB’

Checkpoint 3 – Finish Line:  Text ‘STOP’

Guidelines for Participants

  • Camping at the Eric Byrne campsite on the Friday night beforehand is highly recommended as it saves a very early start and allows car-sharing to the start line.
  • You must be self-sufficient on the day carrying all your gear and provisions. extra food and drink at the pub is allowed
  • You must stop for a drink (alcohol allowed) at ‘The Grouse’ pub at the halfway point between Burbage South and Froggatt. (Take a photo of yourselves in the pub for proof if you beat the Admin team there!!)
  • Avoid soloing!  Please try all routes with rope, placing gear and seconded.
  • Remember which routes you do as there will be a points system** for the routes attempted.
  • You don’t have to pre-pick routes due to the risk of your chosen line being unavailable on the day of the challenge.
  • Remember to be mindful of other climbers enjoying a nice day out and unaware of our stupid challenge that gives us NO priority over anyone else climbing at the same crag.
  • There will be a support team in case of an emergency.
  • Failure to attempt a climb at any of the listed edges will result in a suitable penalty.
  • Any disputes should be settled by loud arguments among those involved, with the Ten Edges Admin Team having the last word.


Eric Byne Campsite
Birchen Edge
DE45 1PQ

* And for those tedious types who say that High Neb and Stanage are the same crag I say you are required to run from Dovestones!

** The points system is esoteric and bonus points are available.  Difficulty and speed are merely two criteria by which the team will be measured.  And no, we aren’t telling you what the rules are!

Daniel O'Brien

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