Mon 4th Mar, 2024

Stockport Awesome Walls

Steven Lopacki

Awesome Walls, Stockport, Lead roped climbing from 6pm

This is very much a drop-in session. Feel free to come earlier or turn up later. We welcome competent, experienced lead climbers to any indoor session on any monday evening. If it is your first time meeting the club please make contact first via the web form on the ‘’join KMC’’ page and register as a ‘’prospective member’’.  

Please note, as a minumum, you must be signed off as 'competent' to top rope belay at Awesome Walls before you attend a meet. You’ll need to make contact with us first via the web form on the ‘’join KMC’’ page and register as a ‘’prospective member’’ and please let us know your level of experience prior to climbing. 

Please be aware that KMC Club members are not insured on club meets to act as instructors or to engage in formal tuition or competency courses for complete novices to roped climbing. If you are a ‘’roped climbing’’ novice, please check the Awesome Walls website: for their various introductory courses.

Dont forget, club members get a reduced entry price! £££

Attending Meets
Different meets require varying levels of experience and fitness. Please speak to the meet organiser before the meet if you are concerned about any issues with regard to the meet or your ability to participate in the activities proposed. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

If you are considering coming along to a club meet, please read the following:

Participation Statement:
"I accept that mountaineering, climbing and walking are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. I am aware of and shall accept these risks and wish to participate in these activities voluntarily and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement."

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