Early KMC photos

By Jim Gregson

A selection from Derek Seddon Collection

I have been working with Derek Seddon's photo album containing many photographs from the very early years of the KMC - late 1940's/early 1950's - with the intention of getting a selection posted up onto the KMC website where members can look at them.

The selection attached gives a reasonable overview of some early club activity and characters. I will send also a caption list to go with these shots - although there are some people who are not identified. This is mostly because now, rather sadly, Derek's memory is badly failing him and he cannot recall the missing names. I have tried to consult a few other KMC old-timers but even so there remain some blanks. Nevertheless the pictures themselves give an interesting insight into those early days. Some of the locations are also not known to me - but other members might recognise some of them. If you yourself might recognise some of the crag locations then you can amend the caption list. Each shot has an ID code which I've used in the list so you should be able to match them up.

Regards, Jim Gregson



1. Norman "Plum" Worrall, camp


2. KMC at Old Dungeon Ghyll, Nov 1951 (L-R )

1."Robbie" Worrall
2. Alan Ebbrrell
3. Millie Black
4. Bowden Black
5. ?F
6. ?F
7. ?
8. Maurice Wyche
9. ?F
10. Don Hoyle
11. Alf Oswald
12. ?F
13. Freda Oswald


3. KMC ski group (L-R)

1.Norman "Plum" Worrall
2. "Robbie Worrall
3. Joyce Eckersall
4. Bill Eckersall
5. Tony Taylor
6. Maurice Wyche
7. Walter Becket
8. Don Bellamy


4. KMC members at Stanage Edge



5. KMC ski group (L-R)

1. Millie Black
2. Bowden Black
3. Norman "Plum" Worrall
4. Alan Ebbrell
5. Arthur Thomas


6. Crag? with KMC?

Gardoms Edge and the route is Apple Crack (VD) identified by Dan O'Brien.


7. KMC group (L-R)

1. Norman "Plum" Worrall (50% only!)
2. ?F
3. ?F
4. Maurice Wyche
5. Norman Revitt
6. Arthur Thomas
7. George Bosson
8. Len Stubbs


8. KMC trio (L-R)

1. "Robbie" Worrall
2. Derek Seddon
3. Len Stubbs


9. KMC below Laddow (L-F ascending)

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. Geoff Cockroft (FM, standing)
5. ? camo jkt
6. Alf Oswald
7. Freda oswald
8. Millie Black


10. KMC Laddow Rocks camp

Bowden Black - in beret


11. KMC Laddow Rocks camp


12. Master skier Norman "Plum" Worrall


13. KMC ski group below Chrome Hill

Parkhouse Hill is the backdrop


14. KMC Laddow Rocks, camp below


15. KMC winter duo

1. ?
2. Derek Seddon



compiled- JG/2015




01Norman Plum Worrall (Derek Seddon)
02 KMC at the Old Dungeon Ghyll (Derek Seddon)
03 KMC Ski Group (Derek Seddon)
04 KMC Members at Stanage Edge (Derek Seddon)
05 KMC Ski Group (Derek Seddon)
06 Gardoms Edge and the route is Apple Crack (VD) (Derek Seddon)
07 KMC Group (Derek Seddon)
08 KMC Trio (Derek Seddon)
09 KMC below Laddow (Derek Seddon)
10 KMC Laddow Rocks camp (Derek Seddon)
11 KMC Laddow Rocks camp (Derek Seddon)
12 Master Skier Norman Plum Worrall (Derek Seddon)
13 KMC Ski Group below Chrome Hill (Derek Seddon)
14 KMC Laddow Rocks, Camp Below (Derek Seddon)
15 KMC Winter Duo (Derek Seddon)

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