Mons Graupius

By Gavin Anderson

A novel about climbing in the golden days.

Gavin Anderson, KMC member for over 40 years, has written a novel and thought members may be interested.

The novel is a celebration of mountaineering in the early 60’s, so it is on ground familiar to the aforesaid elder statesmen. It is a story of a woman trying to break into the ranks of the very masculine Scot’s climbers of the period. The novel has a strong feminist slant.


Dennis Gray says;
“Your chapter with the epic on Ben Nevis, Observatory Ridge and the death of Dermot had me gripped. Congratulations on an outstanding work."

Joe Flynn says;
“Loved the brilliant descriptions of Forbes Aréte, living in the British shanties in Cham, references to Maurice and Bar National etc. absolutely spot on.”

Mons Graupius (Gavin Anderson)

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