Eight Go Skiing

By Lorna Marsland

KMC Members: Rob Allen, Christine Beeston, Roger Dyke, Lorna Marsland, Kirsten Mundt, Theresa Parolis. Guests: Neil Boynton, Marc Lehto, Tiffany and The Swiss Expert


15-22 January 2017
The ski trip to St Anton had been a long time coming, at least from my perspective. It had been recommended as a ‘must go to’ resort by an old climbing friend of mine, and one of the best skiers I know, so I was keen to suggest it when the choice of resort was discussed. A group of us had been skiing together for some years, with others joining us from time to time and this year we were to be 8.


We’re going to St Anton
Eight of us, all told,
To spend a week careering down
Big mountains in the cold (-15 degrees)

But one of us was missing
From this snowy holiday heaven
He’d felt unwell, gone back to bed
So now we’re down to seven

The first day saw the mist come down
Leaving one of us in a fix
She’d brought too little clothing
And left, so now we’re six

Whilst skiing this huge arena
One of us took a dive
Torn ligaments and a broken leg
Reduced us further to five

An instructor winked at one of us
And enticed her to his door.
Off she went for a ski lesson
Reducing us to four

Two visitors from Switzerland
Lured one of us to see
The delights of itinerant skiing
Depleting us to three

In haste two more followed them
Forcing the remaining one
To the fleshpots of St Anton
And then there were none!


When I was asked to write something for the newsletter, the holiday was too distant a memory to recall sufficient detail to make an interesting attempt. I therefore decided to capture the main points of activity in rhyme. Some poetic licence has been applied but not much but it does make you think about who you go on holiday with!