Alps - Richardson/Whittingham

Alps - July 2006

Some photographs from a trip to the Alps by various KMC members:

  • Day 02 is a Traverse of Piz Balzet. Up the South Ridge and down the East Ridge.
  • Day 04 is descent from Punta Da L'Albigna after Modern Times and South West Ridge.
  • Day 10 is Traverse of Vergine.
  • Day 12 is Piz Dal Pal.

Spazzacalderia from Albigna hut (James Richardson)
Punta Da L'Albigna (James Richardson)
Summit of Piz Balzet looking towards Piz Badile (James Richardson)
Fatty and Skinny on summit of Piz Balzet (James Richardson)
Looking up Albigna Valley (James Richardson)
Marmotte (James Richardson)
Piz Balzet with South Ridge on right (James Richardson)
Dave about to cross Cantun stream before falling in (James Richardson)
Dave packing back at Albigna Hut (James Richardson)
Brocken Spectre (James Richardson)
Cloud inversion, looking across Bregalia valley with Spazzacalderia summit just sticking out of clouds in centre of photo (James Richardson)
Dave on traverse (James Richardson)
Dave on traverse (James Richardson)
Dave on descent in cable car (James Richardson)
Piz Balzet (James Richardson)
Punta Da L'Albigna (James Richardson)
Dave Climbing near top (James Richardson)
Camp site likes the English (James Richardson)
Sunset reflecting on clouds left of Piz Balzet (James Richardson)
Brown Bumble Beatle that took over the campsite in the afternoon (James Richardson)
Duncan having a break from persuding Vicky to climb with a red wine hangover (James Richardson)

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