Photos - Derek Seddon Collection

By Jim Gregson

Photos from the Derek Seddon collection.

01 Bowden Black at Stanage (wall leading up to Hardings Superdirect finish), early 1970s (Derek Seddon Collection)
02 Bowden Black leads Hardings Superdirect Finish, Stanage (belayer possibly John Wild), early 1970s (Derek Seddon Collection)
03 Robbie Worrall and Len Stubbs - KMC Founder Members (Derek Seddon Collection)
04 Alf Oswald and Eric Flitcroft (Derek Seddon Collection)
05 Robbie Worrall (Derek Seddon Collection)
06 Glen Coe - Cliff and Teddy Wood on motorbike and other KMC members, 1950s (Derek Seddon Collection)
07 Len Stubbs and KMC pals - Lens lorry en route to Irish Row, Coniston, 1950s (Derek Seddon Collection)
08 Milly and Bowden Black (Derek Seddon Collection)
09 Milly Black at Glen Nevis footbridge (Scottish 4,000s walk) (Derek Seddon Collection)
10 Ty Powdwr early days - with complete stockade wall and gates (Derek Seddon Collection)
11 John Castick & Alan Payne at Ty Powdwr - note, no main windows in early days (Derek Seddon Collection)
12 John Castick at work on septic tank excavations, Phil Kendell behind in discharge trench (note original compound wall at full height) (Derek Seddon Collection)
13 Phil Kendell & John Castick - septic tank excavations (Derek Seddon Collection)
14 Sandy Gregson at Stanage - KMC Sponsored Climbing Day fund-raising event 1974 (during which 130 routes were soloed by Alf Gleadell & John Whittle) (Derek Seddon Collection)
15 David Sumerfield & Sandy Gregson at Stanage - KMC Sponsored Climbing Day 1974 (Derek Seddon Collection)
16 Sandy & Jim Gregson - Unlikely fashion models for Milly Blacks skiwear catalogue shoot - late 1970s (Derek Seddon Collection)
17 Lord (John) Hunt, past President, at Ty Powdwr official opening, Aug 8 1978 (Derek Seddon Collection)

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