60th Aniversary Greenland Expedition 2004.

The ups and downs of an expedition.

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The reward, the group celebrates outside the Nanortalik Hostel
Nanortalik hostel - the Wendy House
The Ketil arrives to pick the group up
Abseiling from the Baron's appendage, S ridge of island behind
Killer Willow - back 5
The view from the Bar boulder, alcohol supplies running low
Camp flooded - back 3
Fishing for an Arctic Char supper
Fresh food from the Arctic
No will to live - back 4
Aiding any overhanging boulders going in the wet
Blue skies - ahead 3
An abundance of flowers - white orchids
Fall in crevasse - back 4
The disappearing snow fields in the valley needed fixed ropes as protection
Weather breaks - miss turn
Fox raids camp - back 2
The extensive basecamp boulder field  gave few boulders with any holds
Blackfly murder - miss turn
Abseiling from the Baron at the end of a long Greenland day
Forced to place a bolt on the descent of the Baron
1st route on Baron - extra go
Sunny day - extra go
Basecamp below the Baron at the edge of the Boulder field
Plan trip
Plane diverted - miss go
Fun and games in the warehouse at Nanortalik
Loading the Ketil up at Nanortalik
Unloading the Ketil in Eagle Bay, Pamiagdluk
Cast away on Pamiagdluk Island
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