60th Aniversary Greenland Expedition 2004.

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Tour of Pamiagdluk

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Map View across to the Thumbnail. Baron from Sermikasik. View s past Sermikasik to Umanangua. The Tower Hamlets area of the island S ridge. The Baron from the Ketil (west side). The southern Torssukatak spires. Looking into the Sermikasik cirque. View of the SW side of the Baron. The Umanangua area of the ridge from the fjord. Side view of the seacliff. View of the cliff below the Berkeley peaks from the sea. Last view of Pisstake peak. View N from the Baron summit. Pt1300 massif from the Baron. The Twin towers from the Baron col. Close view of the Baron from Cornice peak. The SE corner of Pamiagdluk from Cornice peak. Looking N over Eagle bay and up 'our' valley. View N along the Antonio valley. View S down Kangerdluarssuk fjord. View of Eagle bay and ridge line to the W. View of Butler and Fat City crag from tarn. View NE from Consolation point View from Consolation point over Qaqarssuaq View from Consolation point over Baroness area View from Consolation point to the Baron. View E from Consolation point. View of Pt1300 from the head of SOB couloir. View of A and B buttresses. The Baron from the top of SOB couloir Looking at the northern ridge flank from KMC peak View along flat ridge from Red Tor View NE of the Island View NE along valley below KMC peak

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