60th Aniversary Greenland Expedition 2004.

Expedition 2004 Sponsors

We are grateful to the following companies and organisations who have contributed to this expedition through either donation of grants or discounts on expedition equipment:

Karabiner Mountaineering Club gave us £500 towards the purchase of equipment such as a communal tent, Blue Barrels and cooking stoves.  This equipment will be given back to the Karabiner Mountaineering Club after the expedition for use in future expeditions by the club.

The Mount Everest Foundation gave us a grant of £350.

The British Mountaineering council gave us a grant of £900.

Costwold gave us a 20% discount on expedition equipment, and were very helpful to us.

Unicorn, a vegan food supplier, gave us a discount on some of our food supplies.

Norcott Technologies who provided us with a Solar panel, electronics components and office & printing facilities.

Alan (L) Jones who also kindly donated £50 to the Expedition.

We would also like to thank the friends and family members who have supported us through the preparations for this expedition, especially those who have kindly donated or loaned items of equipment to us.

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