Greenland Expedition 2005.

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Here are some images from various members of the expedition. More can be added should volunteers come forward.

To see a larger version (but still less than full resolution) of a picture, just click on the image. Contact the club if further information is required.

Tornarssuk from the Sea on the approach. 1388m at the back centre. [D.Bone]

Base camp area at the mouth of the Kukasit valley from the Sea. [D.Bone]

View E from the Base camp - 1250m centre. [D.Bone]

N from the head of the upper lake in the Kukasit valley. [D.Bone]

Pt1250m from S across the Valhalla glacier (partly dry). [D.Bone]

Stained Granite

The Early white garnet bearing Granite could be brightly stained. [D.Bone]

Valhalla 1388m (left - highest point on island) from the W at advance base camp at head of 2nd lake. [D.Bone]

Odin's Tooth (1150m ?) from the South with Valhalla behind. [D.Bone]

The N ridge of Valhalla from col (actually to Blind Pew - not climbed!). [D.Bone]

High on Blind Pew, N of 1388m, shortly before turning back. [D.Bone]

Evening over the next island Quvnerit from the Blind Pew couloir. [D.Bone]

Evening view over Pamiagdluk abseiling down Blind Pew couloir on 1388m. [D.Bone]

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