Balloons (Photo: Dave Dillon)  

Balloons (Dave Dillon)
Balloons too (Dave Dillon)
Down Under (Dave Dillon)
Test Run (Dave Dillon)
No Brakes (Dave Dillon)
Frozen screamer (Dave Dillon)
Frozen screamer too (Dave Dillon)
Getting off (Dave Dillon)
Axe Practice (Dave Dillon)

Xmas Bash (Ty Powder)

Members Present: Dave Wiley, James Hoyle, Kasia Hoyle, Al Metelko, Trish Cranston, Chris Williams, James Williams, Carolyn Mills, Ding Koy, Laura Collier, Katie Horgan, Dave Dillon, Dave Shotton,

Guests: Des Chadderton.


It looked like it was going to be full winter conditions for this one but as so often happens, Wales warmed up rather quickly and there was just a small patch of snow by one wall when I got there on Friday night. Undeterred a small group set off up Tryfan on Saturday to search out the last of the snow, which was duly found.

Returning to the hut on Saturday a select band of KMCers were waiting for their dinner. Al provided pre dinner entertainment by setting up a rope slide which verged between fun and occasionally close to lethal. Everyone sat down to a dinner of soup followed by roast pork or vegetable chilli and enjoyed a superb range of deserts provided by Trish.

Sunday saw people heading off not too early for walks and climbs in the pass, Capel Curig, Snowdon and Carneddau areas. A good time was had by all.

James Hoyle
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